The Heiress and the Orc

by Finley Fenn

Once, he was her dearest friend… but now he’s grown into a brutal, terrifying monster. And he’s here on a cold, heartless mission: to seduce the heiress he once loved, and destroy her…

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Ghosts of Love

by David Burnett

Richard McNeil has loved three women in his life, and he feels abandoned by all three. His wife passed away in childbirth, leaving him alone, a single father with an infant daughter. His daughter, Emily, now twenty years old, is leaving, marrying and moving away. Two months ago, Kim, his almost-fiancé, the only woman he has dated in over twenty years, left as they broke off their relationship. His memories of them haunt him like ghosts, and he knows he will not be happy until they leave him be. Perhaps, he finally can lay his wife to rest. Surely, he can mumble the words to give Emily away. But releasing Kim might mean giving up all hope of ever being together. How can he do that?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Bad Prince

by Lilian Monroe

What if Cinderella went to the ball, met a different kind of Prince Charming…and got pregnant?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Enchanting You

by Kris Jayne

A delicious enemies-to-lovers tale with a touch of magic…

Lilith Carver will do anything to help her estranged foster sister—even tap into her repressed mystical gifts to uncover the secrets threatening their future.

With one clandestine maneuver, Jamie Wylde can right the wrongs of his father and exclude the man’s mistress from the Wylde fortune. Only Kali’s provocative sister somehow senses the truth. And despite their love-hate attraction, she’s on a crusade to stop him.

Equally matched and battling to win, can Lilith and Jamie triumph in love?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Brutal Bully

by Logan Fox

This prince won’t rest until I bend the knee…or break.

Lavish Prep was my fresh start. A new town, a new school—perfect for easing a mind racked by tragedy.
Then the invincible, untouchable monster who runs Lavish Prep sets his eyes on me.
Handsome, intelligent, gifted Prince Briar should have been this school’s most eligible bachelor…but no one is brave enough to find out if the disturbing rumors about him are true.
Except me.
Ever since I arrived, he’s punished and humiliated me.
I’m done letting him rip me apart.
I’m earning myself a place in history by taking down the Dark Prince of Lavish Prep. All I need to do is expose his disturbing secret to the world.
I’m brave enough to stand up to him, but am I strong enough to destroy him before he breaks me?

Brutal Bully is a dark enemies-to-lovers new adult romance. This standalone dark high school bully romance novel is intended for mature readers only as it contains material that some may find triggering.

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Category: New Adult & College Romance

The Alpha Woman: Beautiful Sexy Beast

by Skye-Anne Chariss

She built her career up from nothing. Can she risk entrusting her heart to a man?
Ruthless in business and at the top of her game, Angela Davidson is a no-nonsense corporate lawyer with a secret. After having her heart broken one too many times, she swore off men forever, vowing to never let herself get hurt again.

As a loyal and trusted friend, Steve puts up with their friends-with-benefits relationship while secretly yearning for something more. He knows Angela’s attitude toward romance – but it won’t stop him from trying.

Still struggling with the emotional fallout from her painful affair in University and her ill-fated relationship with a cold-hearted attorney, Angela has walled herself off. But despite her domineering approach to intimacy, a spark begins to simmer between her and Harvey – one that could quickly spiral into something she’s not ready to face…
Can she bear to open herself up again after so many years? Or will her fear of losing control of her emotions cause their budding relationship to shatter before it even starts?

Gear up for a gripping erotic romance drama like no other. Packed with pulse-pounding action and plenty of wild sexual emotions, The Alpha Woman is a no-holds-barred romance that’s perfect for readers looking for a story they won’t soon forget. Scroll up and grab your copy now!

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Category: Erotic Romance

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