by Kenzie Macallan

She’s hiding a terrible secret. He’s on a dangerous mission. Can he protect the love of his life from a ruthless killer?

Italian beauty Marabella Luccenzo wants to shake her grim past. After the sudden and mysterious death of her husband, her sisters whisk her away to a five-star resort to set her mind straight. But when a handsome Scotsman with a smart mouth gets her laughing again, she fears her dark secret could extinguish her romantic desire.

Battle-weary and needing a distraction, MI-6 agent Mac Creighton wants nothing more than his usual fling. However, his chemistry with a sexy vacationer tempts him to do more than love her and leave her. But when he opens the dossier, he finds himself racing headlong into heartbreak.

As Marabella soaks up the attention from the striking stranger, she can’t help feeling that she’s being watched. And when Mac uncovers the terrifying danger surrounding the beautiful woman, he’s torn between duty and passion.

Can this steamy couple escape the mafia to let love live another day?

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance

Dolphins at Sunset

by Wes Snowden

After unexpectedly escaping from a dreary existence and an abusive relationship, Rhonda’s life turns upside down when she wins a Windjammer sailing cruise to the Enchanting Greek islands. Rhonda’s secret dream comes true in this warm and rewarding tale. A satisfying read for all true romance lovers.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Attraction is not a Choice

by Taylor Axe

I have been jobless for over a month in a city like New York, so you can imagine my joy when I got called for a job interview as a nanny. The job title isn’t important, so far it pays my ever compiling bills.
What I didn’t expect was that I was to work for Lucas Martins, the dark eyed handsome devil billionaire that got me sacked from my former job. Life could be such a bitch sometimes or all the time to someone like me.
I was going to keep my dignity and walk out on the job until he called a price I couldn’t resist. That, and the fact the innocent little baby really needed me. It’s already hard enough having a cold-hearted and arrogant man for a daddy.

Find out in Attraction is not a choice: The Nanny’s Handbook, the first book in a new mystery and exciting romance series by Taylor Axe.

Note to Readers: It is a full book

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Category: Contemporary Romance