The Lost Siren

by Raven Storm

A young woman is rescued from slavery by a man with wings and scales–and is thrust headfirst into the world of the drakens, which is mysteriously void of any females. Wren finds herself overseeing their Draken Games, where all the males will compete in death games to claim the ultimate prize: her.

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Category: Fantasy Romance

A Bossy Temptation

by R. S. Elliot

I’m supposed to be a nanny to his son.
And now, I’m having his baby…

I never thought I’d see her again.
But the beautiful woman I saw in Hawaii is my son’s new nanny.
Trying to keep things professional sounds easy.
The truth is, it’s far from it.
Stephanie is irresistible.
I can’t get enough of her.
Until she tells me she wants something I’m not ready to give her.
It shatters what we have, and when I learn the secret she’s been keeping from me, it could destroy things even more.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Arrangement with the Alien Prince

by Shona Mira

I’m in desperate need of a husband. How convenient that one just crash-landed in my backyard…

Life is hard enough on this planet for a single woman since the war between the humans and the aliens broke out.

It’s about to get worse.

I’m facing two choices. Either I produce a husband within a year, or I watch the government seize my property and kick me to the curb.

Sure, the wounded alien at my door is cocky, hot-headed, and rough around the edges, but he’s sexy and strangely protective. And because he can shape-shift, he might just pass as “husband” material.

The only problem?

It’s getting harder to fight the powerful desire pulling me towards him.

But if it’s discovered I’m playing house with the enemy, I could end up losing my life.

Features a sweet & spicy romance between consenting adults with a happily ever after! No cheating and no cliffhangers. Can be read as a standalone.

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Category: Science Fiction Romance

Protecting Their Princess

by Ajme Williams

Falling in love with my former Navy SEAL protectors was easy.
But avoiding this scandal is the hard part.
Very hard.

My new security team is everything I imagined it to be.
Strong, hot men that would take a bullet for me.
But the “good girl” of Hollywood needs more than just protection.
No sketchy stories.
No unbelievable rumors.
Except for the one I have with my co-star.

My fans don’t know that my heart belongs with the men in my bed.
The SEALs have me thinking about them between cut and action.
They hate that I have to pretend to love my co-star for publicity.

But we all have bigger problems on our hands than just jealousy.
The reason why I hired them in the first place.
Danger is inevitable when you’re famous.
Especially when I’m about to bring a child into my world of craziness…

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Fake it For Wealth

by Weston Parker

I lied about getting married in Vegas to get my rich family off my back. Two years later, I have to go back home to London for a traditional wedding ceremony for the marriage I faked. You know, to the wife I never married. No need to tell the girl I hire to be my fake wife about all the hoopla.
She’s faking it for wealth, but I’m soon playing for keeps.

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Category: Contemporary Romance