College-Virgin & Dark Bully Next-Door

by Kathilee Riley

That devil’s spawn is back in town.
His body shredded with muscles from the boxing ring. Dark as the midnight that brought him back home. Gorgeous on the outside, but beneath the surface lies a monster.
Ashton Warren. The villain next door.
Four years ago, he was my brother’s best friend. Until he wrecked me, then disappeared.
Now, he’s back, pretending like that night never happened, like he didn’t leave me with a broken heart. He wants to pick up where we left off. My brother would end him if he finds these text messages on my phone.
So, I keep my distance. I shut him out. Until he makes me an offer that’s hard to refuse.
Saying yes would pull me under his control, giving him the power to hurt me again.
My brother would surely catch some jail time.
Should I consider the consequences, or do I take the offer that could change my life?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Dirty Mafia King

by Michele Mannon


As boss of a powerful mafia family, I take what I want. Empires. Lives. Everything in-between. But some crimes deserve a different sacrifice than death. That sleazy politician Russo learned this the hard way, after I arranged for my son to marry his sweet, innocent daughter.

She’s trapped in my kingdom now, a pretty little burden to be used any way I like.
Except I won’t touch her.

She belongs to my son.
And family always comes first.


Sebastiano Beneventi is everything I fear. Brutal. Cunning. My soon-to-be father-in-law. He’ll stop at nothing to gain control of the Twelve Famiglie, even forcing his son—who hates my guts—into marrying me. I’m to pay the price for my father’s betrayal.

But I have a forbidden secret. The reason Sebastiano Beneventi is always watching me. A dangerously twisted game I play.

I’ve no interest in his son.

What I want is him, the dirty mafia king.

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Category: Erotic Romance

Finding Faith

by Michelle Romano

Faith’s life is a tangled web of secrets and trauma. When Faith thought she had life figured out, fate had other plans.

Faith’s journey takes an unexpected turn when heartbreak in New York propels her to a mysterious small town in Arizona. The place feels oddly familiar and people seem to know her, which sparks a quest to unearth her forgotten path.

Over time, Faith stumbles upon letters that hold the key to her past, leading her to a handsome mystery man. But, as truths emerge, can Faith summon the strength to embrace them? Torn between a deep loss and an irresistible love, Faith must find courage to fight for what her heart desires. Will she seize her chance at happiness, or will it slip through her fingers forever?

Meanwhile, Michael confronts the shadows of his traumatic childhood, returning to his hometown after a troubling call. There, he learns about Faith and finds himself drawn to her. Their paths intertwine, yet a major loss forces Michael to relocate, become a firefighter and search for his lost love. Will he ever find her again?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Curious Wives

by Tatumn Dixon

During a trip to ski country with three married couples and a newly divorced bestie, Farrah Lockhart catches three friends tangled in a naughty, sexual tryst. The steamy sight ignites Farrah’s sexual curiosities, arousing forbidden fantasies she never dreamed of sharing with her husband, Holt.

Turned on by the idea of inviting a third person into their sex life, Farrah and Holt explore the lust-filled possibilities, quickly learning—Farrah isn’t the only curious wife in their friend group.

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Category: Erotic Romance


by Kristin Lee

He lives in the spotlight. She wilts under its heat.
Will he pass on love or play to win, no matter the cost?

I’m a guy that sets a goal and achieves it, so when I was runner up for the Heisman Trophy and lost the National Championship game, I knew I would be back in a Stallions uniform for my senior year.
Failure is not in my DNA.
This year—zero distractions—period.

My unexpected savior—my best friend’s twin sister and my new roommate. My idea to pretend she’s my girlfriend to keep the swarm of college hotties away is genius, since she’s completely off limits.
All I need is someone to pucker up and smile for the cameras.Don’t get me wrong—I’ve been fantasizing about her since the first moment I saw her, but now her body is pressed against me, and unfamiliar feelings rattle against my ribcage.

I will not lose focus.

National Championship. Heisman Trophy. #1 Pick in the NFL draft.

Moving in with my twin brother and his best friend was supposed to lessen my anxiety. Now, my roommate, renowned campus playboy and playmaker, needs a date to the Stallion Awards—the athletic event of the year. Something about not wanting to say “no” to every girl in the room and he needs to keep his eyes on the prize… on football.

He’s six-foot-four with a body that could have been carved by Michelangelo himself. Hair to rival a certain biker from my favorite television show. And God, I love the sound of his voice when he makes cocky remarks and the sly grin that promises he can back it up.

It’s time I prove to my brother and family that I can handle my anxiety, pretend to be Logan’s girlfriend, and have a little fun before starting med school.

But his star shines so bright that suddenly, I’m on my knees and have no idea how I got here.

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Category: Sports Romance