Stone Guardian: A Sweet Paranormal Gargoyle Romance

by Gayle Katz

Gargoyles are immovable statues of stone. Lifeless, the librarian thought, until one of them takes flight to save her from an untimely demise. If you want all the dreamy romance and paranormal magic without the steam, you’ll adore this sweet gargoyle shifter romance.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Christmas on Overdrive

by Christine S. Feldman

A holiday road trip with her neighborhood nemesis? This is so not the Christmas that Harper Campbell had planned. But when Harper’s widowed grandfather up and runs off with Liam Young’s irrepressible godmother for a madcap Christmas adventure, Harper’s hauling Liam along with her to track down the truant pair whether he likes it or not. And if being stuck together in close quarters leads to things getting heated, so be it. Until sparks of a different kind start to fly…

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Category: Romantic Comedy

Three Daddies Under the Mistletoe

by Kai Lesy

“You three are my clients. We shouldn’t cross the line.”
Jason brings his face inches from mine.
“In that case you’re fired, Princess,” he says before he sweeps me into a soul-stirring kiss.

Three rugged ex-marines.
Rock hard bodies.
And filthy rich businessmen.

I’ve been their favorite personal stylist for years.
But when my ex stirs trouble on Black Friday, they tell him they’re my “new boyfriends”.
They even invite me to stay in their snowy mountain cabin for the holidays.
I figure it’s mere sympathy – my life’s a bit in shambles.

Then something insane happens: I find the juicy diary of their old flame.
Her vivid accounts with the irresistible trio make me wonder: What if that could be me?

Let’s just say years of bottled up sexual tension finally come to surface…
and I experience a holiday adventure more thrilling than I’ve ever dreamed.

I just hope they don’t freak out when I reveal a Christmas surprise that could change everything!!

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance

Hooked On Hollywood: A Fake Dating Celebrity Romcom (Big Star, Small Town Book 1)

by Mia Summers

Thanks to a lost key, I’m stuck handcuffed to my childhood crush for the next five days. Did I mention he’s now a really famous actor?

This was not how my night was supposed to go.

My friends dragged me to a charity auction to save the local theater. The theme? Cops and robbers.

The grand prize? A dinner date handcuffed to hometown hero and Hollywood hunk Ryan Jones – the same Ryan Jones that is still decorating my bedroom walls.

I used to have a crush on him.

Used to.

Then he got caught doing something he shouldn’t have been doing. Something terrible.

Too bad I didn’t tell my friends – because they decided to surprise me by winning the auction. Now I’m handcuffed to Ryan Jones.

It’s supposed to be a one night thing.

But the key’s gone missing. And the handcuffs? No one can get them off.

So now I’m handcuffed to a handsome man I hate.

Two of us.

One bed.

Zero ways I’ll be letting my guard down.

Not after what I saw that (handsome) man do.

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance