The Royals: Warlock Court

by Megan Montero

I never felt power like this, so dark, so tempting, so out of my control! No one is safe around me. And now I’m being thrown into Warwick Academy.

An academy for the darker side of magic. . .the warlock side.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Deadly Paradise

by Quinn Avery

This heart-stopping tale of a heroic woman’s battles amidst a second chance at love is perfect for fans of Dark Places and Pretty Girls.

As a child, Nova Keery witnessed the murder of her parents. She is whisked away in the middle of the night to start a new life, however Nova can’t stop questioning the circumstances surrounding her parents’ deaths.

As a teenager, Nova lives a lonely and sheltered existence until fate delivers a handsome Greek boy into her world. Although forbidden to speak to him, the teens navigate through first love until she discovers he’s guarding a secret that unravels everything between them.

As a woman, Nova finally goes after the answers that have plagued her entire life. Answers that involve her first love, throwing them both in danger when he returns to save her life. Can she risk the dark secrets of their tangled past to collide with what could become a deadly present?

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

Secret Baby Next Door

by K.C. Crowne

Love thy neighbor?
Oh, I fully intend to.

We shared a wild night I never forgot.
Now she’s my new neighbor.
Years ago I sat next to a feisty beauty on a flight.
The flight was bumpy…
But that was NOTHING compared to our night together.
No regrets. Except one: I didn’t get her contact.

As a surgeon I crush all obstacles.
But today Piper ran out of her home wearing nothing but a towel.
And the head doing the thinking isn’t the logical one.
I’m falling for a woman I barely even know – all over again.
Her smile, her lips, the way her luscious curves take me back in time.
I’m hard the minute I see Piper dripping wet outside my home.

But Piper’s hiding something BIG.
The sweet little girl with my eyes.
There’s no denying it – she’s my child.
So I’m ready to step up to the plate.
And be the father she deserves.
I’ll prove to Piper I care about more than just her beautiful body.
But the fact my bedroom window aligns with hers only makes things HARDER.
From behind half-drawn curtains, we’re playing a dangerously delicious game.
I watch her. And I know she watches me.
Imagining it’s her hand on my… stethoscope.

Seriously. I need to get myself together.
Because doing what I have in mind to my baby mama…
It’s downright un-neighborly.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

My Feisty Fling

by Ali Parker

The last thing I need is a sexy distraction, yet here we are. Again. My father was kidnapped.
My wicked hot ex shows up at the airport and is on my flight. What are the odds? She’s also a private detective working her own case. But much to my surprise, she wants to work together. Not a chance in hell. She’s my favorite sin. My first love. My Feisty Fling.

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Category: Contemporary Romance