The Baby Bargain

by Ellis O. Day

Harker has everything he wants except a child.
Alison is the perfect woman to have his kid.
She’s kind, compassionate, loving.
Everything he’s not.
All he has to do is find her weakness and she’ll agree to whatever he wants.

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Category: Romantic Comedy

The Road to Truth Collection

by Quell T. Fox

Cheating boyfriend—check.
Broken down car—check.
Crappy motel—check.
Hot guys that want me to go on a road trip with them—quadruple check.
The guys:
They’ve spent countless years falling apart to almost nothing. None of them have much left to give. Friday is who they’ve been looking for, but how do they tell her what they are… what she is?

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Category: Paranormal Romance

The Billionaire’s Secret: A Christian Romance

by Meghann Whistler

He’s a billionaire hiding a devastating diagnosis. She’ll do whatever it takes to help her sick, matchmaking mom. A freak accident throws them together, but will his big secret tear them apart?

Inspired by 2 Corinthians 12:9, The Billionaire’s Secret is a sweet inspirational romance with a swoony hero, LOTS of entertaining banter, and a strong Christian message. Download your copy today!

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Category: Inspirational Romance


by Teagan Kade

Beautifully, wonderfully, toe-curlingly complex. That’s Killian O’Sullivan—running back for the New York Vulcans complete with lucky green jockstrap and an appetite for trouble. A smart woman would steer well clear, but I’ve decided to head right for the pretty blue eyes of the storm.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Blood and Wine: A Dark Vampire Romance

by Margot Scott

Chained like a beast, sapped of strength, my immortal blood stolen to enrich the Radcliff’s winery. My only hope lies in convincing my captor’s psychic daughter to free me. I’ll do anything to gain her trust. Bribe, deceive, even seduce her if I must. She’s too young, but a starving vampire doesn’t have the luxury of waiting for fruit to ripen.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Lady Guardians: Onyx Rides

by Celeste Granger

When is love not love? Onyx Malone, the owner of Café Laquette, a favorite eatery in downtown Atlanta, thought she was in love with Dillon Long, an entrepreneur in his own right. However, when the relationship failed, Onyx was prepared to move on. Dillon wasn’t. Dillon refuses to let Onyx go, and his definition of love turns ugly. Onyx finds herself on the defense, shadowed and stalked by the man who once claimed undying love for her.

Multimillionaire Egypt Anderson is not only the CEO of his own construction and development company, but he is also the President of the Down South Riders, a motorcycle club. Egypt spends his days in the boardroom and his nights on the back of his classic Harley Davidson. Egypt and Onyx don’t travel in the same circles and at first, glance, seem to have very little in common. However, a chance encounter with a ruggedly handsome Egypt changes the trajectory of Onyx’s life and redefine what love really is.

Onyx Rides is book 1 of the Lady Guardians 3 book series
Cruisin is book 2 of the Lady Guardians 3 book series.
And, Curvalicious is book 3.

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Category: African American Romance

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