In The Viscount’s Arms

by Allyson Jeleyne

Reeling from the death of her parents, Octavia strives to be a source of strength for her sisters. She forges her own path to independence, which leads to the gates of Caswell Hall. There, the governess has just quit her post, leaving a vacant spot in the local lord’s household.

Simon, Viscount Althorne, is impressed by the sensible, dark-haired beauty, and hires her to teach his wayward young niece. He resents the loss of his carefree bachelor days, and longs to see the child settled so that he may return to London. But one perfect English summer turns their plans upside down, and he becomes hopelessly drawn to the one woman he cannot have.

Can Simon convince her that he is a gentleman worth loving? Will Octavia allow herself to fall for a man beyond her reach or will class and duty separate them forever?

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Category: Historical Romance


Consumed by the Cyborg

by Alyse Anders

A Protective Cyborg finds his soulmate from across the galaxy.

The second Lena’s ship enters Grus space, Rykal knows that his mate has arrived.
But when she’s threatened to be taken from him by the man who’d turned him into a cyborg, he kidnaps her. On the run, Rykal will stop at nothing to make Lena his while keeping her safe from the unseen alien threat that could destroy them all.

If you like hot cyborg males proving their love and smart, courageous females who save the day, then join Rykal and Lena in book 1 of the Cyborg Protector romance.

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Category: Science Fiction Romance


Reality in the Kitchen

by Olivia Burke

Emma Sutton finally owns her dream bakery, but the struggle to make ends meet could ruin everything. When her best friend enters her into a reality TV cooking contest, she knows it might be the only chance to save her business. Cooking in the spotlight with Dean, her current crush, and her ex-boyfriend Mark, however, might be more than she can handle.

Dean Talbott only has one goal in mind: win the Cooking in Crystal Springs competition, both for the prize money and the title of best chef in town. When the pretty baker becomes the top competition, he sees the perfect opportunity to get to know her. But only one can win – will their shared goal of becoming the next top chef get in the way of their sweet romance?

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance


Admit You Miss Me

by Ajme Williams

Most girls would kill to carry his baby.
Charles Hampton… the billionaire heartthrob that I had to dump seven years ago.

My plan, right before I ran away from him, was pretty simple.

Get over the rich dude and his snooty family that would never accept me.
Care for my mother who was diagnosed with terminal illness.
Forget that anything had changed.

But no, life threw a curveball and the only way around it was to be a surrogate for Charles.
The man that I’d fallen for seven years ago.
The man that I’d tried to forget ever since.

He offered me a million bucks to carry his baby.
The same money that I’d use for my mother’s treatment.
I didn’t really have much of a choice in the matter.

His only catch?
I’d have to live with him until the baby is born.
My only wish?
We couldn’t fall in love again.

But what if we’d never fallen out of love in the first place?

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Category: Contemporary Romance



by Ken Ross

Harry Morgan sees an old flame while driving home after taking his grandson to school. After thirty years since their initial romantic affair, they steadily renew a once passionate relationship. But after so many years alone, can they forfeit their independence without too great a personal cost? They are older, wiser, and they battle to find a compromise as feelings intensify and their interaction becomes ever hotter. A romantic tale that delves into the psychological effects of an affair in later life and story which many over forties will recognise as being very real.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Come Go With Me

by C. Morgan

My job has my attention. It should. I have a son to provide for. Hiring a nanny is a must after he gets into some trouble that leaves me needing extra eyes on him. But the woman I hire is everything I want in my life and in my bed. I don’t have time for family so I sure as hell don’t have time for love. Funnily enough, love didn’t ask.

$0.99 Previously $3.99

Category: Contemporary Romance


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