He tore my heart apart in high school, now he wants to protect every inch of me.

My mouth waters when I look at Griffin Warner. Excuse me as I secretly wipe the drool.

I can vividly remember the days I wiped tears from my eyes over his hurtful words.

This jerk is part of the reason I left town and pursued my career elsewhere.

I should have checked the neighbors before I moved back, now he’s right back in my line of sight.

Every. Single. Damn. Day.

His sexy military physique with those massive muscles has my mind wondering what he could do to the curves of my body.

After all the heartbreak I still love him and despise him at the same time.

His actions made it clear he wants me for himself.

Time to let the grudge go, Nessa, put on your big girl panties so he can take them off.

My hands shake thinking about opening the door from the past but my thighs tremble

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Category: Contemporary Romance

A Nanny for Christmas

by Lisa Cullen

Three gorgeous single dad billionaires.
Three adorable children.
And one very lucky nanny.

I won’t have to be lonely on Christmas this year… because guess what? I’ll have three men in my bed.

I never had a family, and then I lost my sanity after sending my abusive ex to prison.

But these three gorgeous single dads have made me feel more than just their hot nanny that they can’t keep their distance from.

Maybe I do have the capacity to fall in love again.

Especially when Luke, president of a security company, looks irresistible as ever.

His power shines through those hazel eyes that I could keep staring into.

Jax, the hot security guard, has messy hair that I love running my hands through.

He’s a bad boy – the kind that any parent would warn their kid about.

Lucky for me, I never received that warning.

And Theo, their muscular CEO, would give his life for his loved ones.

I’m included in that list. For now.

I know I’ll be kicked off it when they find out what I’m hiding.

And just like that, my Christmas tree will crumble down, along with my entire heart.

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Category: Contemporary Romance