Revel: Twelve Dancing Princesses Retold

by Demelza Carlton

Twelve princesses. One wounded soldier. A mystery that must be solved.
Once upon a time…
Princess Bianca is sent with her sisters to the summer palace, a place no maiden has ever returned from. While her sisters seem perfectly happy, she has only one desire: escape.
Vasco, a wounded soldier on his way home from war, stumbles across the summer palace and sets out to solve the mystery no man has managed to yet. If only they let him live long enough…
Can the fair maiden and the wounded soldier uncover the sinister secret before it’s too late?

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Category: Fantasy Romance


Ruining Her

by kylie Kent


I never thought I would be seeking shelter here of all places.

I’m out of options though. I needed a place to hide out.

Somewhere I could get my bearings and develop a plan to get myself out of the mess I’ve landed in.

It was a fail-proof plan. Then he found me.

I’ve escaped one monster, only to be captured by another.

He’s determined to break me, to uncover the secrets I’m hiding. But this is one secret I can’t let him discover.

Can I escape him before he ruins everything? Before he ruins me?


She was meant to stay away.

Emily, the only person in the world who’s made me feel like I actually have a heart.

She made me hope that my soul wasn’t as black as people say.

Hope’s a dangerous b#@ch though, one I killed before those embers ever had a chance to flame.

Now she’s back. And she’s keeping secrets, ones I plan to uncover using any means necessary.

I warned her that if I ever laid eyes on her again, I’d keep her.

In keeping her, I know I’m going to do the one thing I never wanted to do.


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Category: Contemporary Romance


The Golden Spider

by Anne Renwick

Lady Amanda is tired of having both her intelligence and her work dismissed. After blackmailing her way into medical school, she catches the eye of her anatomy professor from the moment she walks into his lecture hall. Is he interested in her? Or only her invention–a clockwork spider that can spin artificial nerves?

Lord Thornton, a prominent neurobiologist, has been betrayed. Secret government technology has been stolen from his laboratory, and a foreign spy is attempting to perfect it via a grisly procedure… using gypsies as test subjects. The last thing he needs is the distraction of a beautiful–and brilliant–new student, even if her spider could heal a deteriorating personal injury.

Until her device is stolen and used in the latest murder. Lord Thornton has no option but to bring her into his laboratory as well as the investigation where they must fight their growing, yet forbidden, attraction. Bodies accumulate and fragile bonds are tested as they race across London, trying to catch the spy before it’s too late.

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Category: Fantasy Romance


Heartland Shifters Books 1-3 Box Set: True Mate Love Romance

by V. Vaughn & C.J. Oliver

Set in the shifter community of Heartland, Wyoming, this box set is packed with interspecies true-mate romance stories from USA Today bestselling author V. Vaughn and C.J. Oliver. Grab these three suspenseful, humorous and heartwarming full-length novels of small-town paranormal romance for only 99 cents for a limited time!

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Category: Paranormal Romance


Saving Grace: A Horses & Hearts Inspirational Romance

by Pamela Gossiaux

When winning is everything, there isn’t much room for grace.

Feisty dressage rider Hannah Whitney is driven to win regardless of the cost. Olympic trainer Chase Livingston, scorned after an incident in the show ring, is reluctant to come out of hiding to train the spoiled, rich daughter of a pharmaceutical tycoon, but the money is good. Hannah is embarrassed to be seen with him, but if she’s going to be ready for the trials, he may be her only hope. What she doesn’t count on is how attractive he is . . .

When faced with the question of what is most important in life, can two people with different answers find common ground?

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Category: Inspirational Romance


Of Heart and Wings

by Debbie McQueen

Raiden is the firstborn son and heir to the throne. When his father is injured, the weight of the crown is heavier than ever. At seventeen years old, Raiden isn’t sure he can live up to the king’s legacy.
Egan is a dragon who appears human. He works for his family as a blacksmith. The secret he must protect keeps him from getting close to anyone.
After a chance encounter, Raiden discovers Egan’s secret. They form a friendship forged by trust, it soon blossoms into something neither of them expected. The strength they find in each other may just help them rise up to meet their destinies.

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Category: Fantasy Romance


Exposed to Love: The Complete Series

by Savina Joyce

A fake fiancé. A secret baby. A wedding.

Read the entire Exposed to Love Series today!
His Shot:

When Phaedra was hired for a corporate photoshoot at the hottest law firm in the city, she jumped at the chance. Finding love was not in her plans.
When Logan discovered that only family men made partner at his firm, he thought his dream would be lost forever. Until he met a sexy photographer who might make the perfect fake fiancé for the upcoming office party.
Phaedra and Logan have chemistry that is impossible to ignore, but this was just a business arrangement. Right?
Can this staged romance turn into true love? Or, will their demanding careers stand in the way?

Her Focus:

Phaedra and Logan turned their fake relationship into true love.
Everything was going great. Until Phaedra found out she was pregnant. With her business growing and Logan’s legal career on the fast track, this baby couldn’t be coming at a worse time. But, Phaedra is thrilled. She always dreamed of having a family of her own, and this baby could make her dreams come true… unless Logan wants no part. Afraid of how he’ll react, Phaedra decides to hide her pregnancy from Logan. How will he react when he finds out about their secret baby? Will it destroy his career ambitions? Can their love survive this secret

Their Perfect Picture:

Phaedra and Logan have been through a lot.
From fake engagements to secret babies, their relationship has been tested and they always come out on top. Now with Phaedra’s due date looming, wedding planning is thrown into the mix! Can they plan for a baby and a wedding without losing each other in the process?

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Category: Multicultural Romance


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