Mirrors and Monsters

by Demelza Carlton

Mirror, mirror on the wall…who’s the hottest monster lover of all?
Seven steamy monster romance tales, from a Beauty and the Beast retelling, enemies to lovers, hot Scottish gargoyle protectors, a genie who wants to grant all your wishes, a sexy demon who will do anything (and I do mean anything) for the lady he loves, right up to the devil himself falling at your feet.

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Category: Fantasy Romance


Hazy Love

by Hannah Smith

Find out what happens when a heartbroken, Australian woman stumbles headfirst into a mysterious man who might just turn her world upside down.

Hazy Love is a slow-burn romantic suspense filled with humour, some steam and strong female characters who love true crime.

No more men. No more partying. No more risks.

From today, Hazel Jones is a hardworking, focused woman dedicated to a job she hates, true crime documentaries and pizza nights with her bestie.

So, the last thing she needs is to crash head-first into Patrick Healey. He oozes sex appeal and sarcasm in equal measures and is almost enough for her to forget her last soul-destroying break up. Almost.

Hazel knows she should stay away from the distracting man who’s hiding something, but she can’t deny the chemistry simmering between them. It doesn’t take long for her to let Patrick in, even though his life is eerily similar to her favourite crime series.

Patrick pushes Hazel to confront her fears but won’t reveal his own. As tension builds and secrets unravel, Hazel starts to uncover the truth about the mysterious man she’s falling for.

But will she like what she finds?

Here’s what you can expect from Hazy Love:
– Slow-burn romantic suspense
– Strong female characters who love true crime
– Frenemies to lovers
– Humour, some steam, and a sexy male hero who’s great at throwing scowls and wearing a suit.

Please note: This book contains references to sensitive topics such as anxiety, depression, infidelity, sexual assault, drug use and death. It also contains profanity and sex scenes and is intended for audiences 18 years or older.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Falling for My Dad’s Boss: A Forbidden Billionaire Romance Novel

by Laura Eagan

Running into my almost-one-night stand on a cruise ship might have been fun—if he hadn’t turned out to be my dad’s boss…

When my steamy encounter with a gorgeous stranger was cut short, I thought I’d never see the nameless man from the club again. But he has a name—it’s Andrew Perez, and he owns the company my dad works for.

Now, we’re on the same cruise, and even a ship the size of a small country feels claustrophobic when we’re trying to keep our connection hidden from my family. My dad isn’t the only thing standing in our way, though—Andrew is a high-powered executive who’s married to his business, and I’m halfway through a degree in pursuit of my dream job.

There’s no way we could ever work as a couple outside the fantasy world of this cruise ship, but that doesn’t stop me from thinking of him constantly—and meeting him in secret every chance I get.

He makes me feel safe. Comfortable. Protected. His touch is everything I never knew I needed, and I plan to enjoy every second—even if this trip is a one-way journey to disaster.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Merciless Desires: A Dark Romance Collection

by Ella Jade, Candace Ayers & Oona Ryda, Deborah Garland, January James, Merissa Bartlett, and P.T. Macias

Morally grey. Flawed, tortured, irrepressible.

And yet, I don’t fear him.

I crave him.

Desire him, with every cell of my being.

I’m the day to his night; the calm to his storm; the light to his dark; and the key to his freedom.

But do I really want to set this monster free?

And if I do… will I be able to break down his barriers before he breaks my heart?

Fans of Rina Kent, Zoe Blake, and Serena Akeroy will love this collection of Dark Romances!

Authors included are:
Ella Jade, Candace Ayers & Oona Ryda, Deborah Garland, January James, Merissa Bartlett, and P.T. Macias

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Category: Contemporary Romance


One Night in Hawaii

by Jacob Parker

My life is planned out for me. Get married to an heiress, have some kids who will barely know me. But fate decided to give me an out. It was supposed to be one night in Hawaii with my little sister’s beautiful best friend. But that night left me wanting forever. Whatever it is, all I want is more.

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Category: Contemporary Romance