Hopelessly Devoted

by A.M. Myers

Alison James has sworn off men after being cheated on by her jerk of an ex but when her neighbor’s chocolate lab gets out of his backyard and tackles her to the ground on one of the worst days of her life, she can’t fight the attraction she feels for the broody, intense biker who lives next door. And he may be the only person who can keep her safe…

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

Henry’s Law

by Holly J. Martin

Sofia Garcia has made a devil’s bargain. She’s left her life in Colombia behind to run a smuggling errand across the U.S.-Canadian border. In exchange, the local cartel will spare her brother’s life.
Unfortunately, the operation goes sideways, and Sofia lands in jail. Her court-appointed attorney, Henry Johnson, unexpectedly bails her out and offers her an unusual proposal: marry him and live in Maine until the case goes to trial or it’s safe for her to return home. Out of options and terrified of the cartel’s reach, Sofia agrees.
Henry Johnson doesn’t know what came over him when he met his client, but he does plan to annul the marriage.
That’s what Henry tells himself, anyway. If he admits how much he likes seeing Sofia after work every day, how much he wants her in his life—and in his bed—he might confuse the façade with reality. And wanting Sofia means he can’t let her go.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

The Alien Beast’s Mate: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance

by Ivy Sparks

When a peace mission goes wrong, Valmore, my new alien bodyguard, is my only lifeline. While he looks like a devil with his red skin, sharp horns, and sultry eyes, I soon learn there’s more to him than his beastly appearance. Valmore has a plan, but it requires exposing ourselves in ways I never expected. Can our relationship survive what we must do? And will the secret he’s keeping from me change everything?

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Lucifer’s Curse

by Eliza Raine

What’s worse than finding a dead girl in your boss’s office? Becoming suspect number one in her murder. When my impossibly sexy boss, Mr. Nox, steps in and offers to help I’m initially relieved. But he wants something in return. One night with me.
Oh, and here’s the kicker. He claims he’s Lucifer.
Do I make a deal with the devil?

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Emma’s Dream

by M. Lee Prescott

Headed home, Ben Morgan runs into Maggie Williams and his ailing heart skips a beat. Maggie has struggled to forget him, raising their daughter, Emma alone. He’s gorgeous as ever and she swears he’ll not break her heart again. Jump into this beloved series and read through to # 11, Aria’s Song, then on to the Morgan’s Fire spin-off series!

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Saving Hanna

by A.L. Long

For as long as Hanna can remember she always did everything she could to keep her brother Carter out of trouble. She soon finds out that not even your own family can be trusted and blood isn’t thicker than water. Losing the only home, she knew to her brother’s greed, Hanna does everything she can to make a new life for herself and get back the life she once knew.

Hanna never thought Aiden Drake would be the one person who could give back what was taken from her. All it would take is one night, only that one night never comes when revenge comes knocking and the one man to save her is also the one man with more greed than her brother.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Lovely Oblivion: Polly

by A.D. Craig

Two famous rockstars, two separate rock tours, two different lives. Polly and Flynn have been friends for years, but their lifestyles keep them apart. An awards show at an opportune time finally brings them together. Their feelings morph from friendship to more. Can their love overcome the distance and time apart?

DISCLAIMER: Rockstar content ahead! This book contains explicit sex, profanity, adult situations, and violence.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

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