Jack’s Secrets

by Kris Kassady

Jack has secrets, big secrets. Really big secrets. And his past has forced him into an underground life of anonymity. But, when he meets Devon, sparks fly and a smoking hot romance erupts.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

Dangerous Vengeance

by Lydia Hall

My need for revenge led me to the most dangerous member of the Bratva.

Ruthless and heartless, Matvey “Matty” Gusev, doesn’t deserve my body.

Let alone my soul.

And yet, as his captive, I crave the moments I spend alone with him.

Finding my uncle’s murderer was the only reason I became a journalist.

And investigating Matty was my only mission.

Now, I know his secrets.

But I also know he’s not a monster.

Matty would never hurt me.

Letting go of my desperation for revenge is tough as I’m faced with an impossible choice.

Put Matty behind bars or let him walk free and right into my arms…

DANGEROUS VENGEANCE is the fourth book of The Corrupt Bloodlines series of interconnected standalones.
This scorching hot dark romance story with Beauty & the Beast elements can be enjoyed on its own, or binged along with the whole series!

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Category: Erotic Romance

A Merry Heart

by Corilyn Holloway (Author), Eliza Boyd (Author), Aminata Coote (Author), Kaitlene Dee (Author), Gayle M. Irwin (Author), Rosanne E. Lortz (Author), Linda Shenton Matchett (Author), Karly Stratford (Author), Kristy Tate (Author), Sharon D. Tweet

Experience the magic of Christmas in this heartwarming anthology featuring ten talented authors, as they weave enchanting tales of clean and Christian romance. Delight in the spirit of the season, where love, faith, and miracles come together to create unforgettable holiday moments.

All proceeds from this anthology will be donated to a life pregnancy center to be announced soon!

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance

Scarred Prince

by K.C. Crowne

My world was rocked the night I collided with a stranger.
A scarred Bratva Prince.
He left me with the sweet taste of submission… and his baby.
Now Leo’s back, and he vows never to let me out of his sight.

Our saga began when he came to my rescue.

And ended in a night of passion. Thrilling and intense.

But as quickly as he appeared… he vanished.

I was certain I’d never see him again.

Until today…

“I’d like you to meet our institution’s most generous benefactor.”

Then a familiar Russian accent takes my breath away, “Good evening, Nikita.”

My whole body freezes.

Apparently, my dark prince comes from a powerful Bratva dynasty.
And the guy he’s been wanting to put underground this whole time? My father.

Will Leo change his ways when he learns I have a secret of my own?…

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Category: Contemporary Romance

The Rule

by Maggie Cole

Four days with the billionaire on all the “Bachelors to Snag” lists…
He’s demanded I accompany him to his Colorado home to earn his business.
The chemistry is electric, but I never date clients.
His piercing blue eyes drill into me, cornering me to make a decision.
It sounds legit, but…
If anyone knows how to get what they want, it’s Tom Marko.

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Category: Contemporary Romance