Rocking the Cowboy’s Christmas

by Vicki Lewis Thompson

This Christmas a promise brings more than they expected…
Farrier Bret McLintock never dreams that delivering a Christmas tree for Molly Dixon will lead to a night of passion. She just moved to Wagon Train, and he’s eager to spend the holidays exploring their fiery relationship. Then he meets her adorable 10-month-old son. Stuff just got real.

Molly promised her late husband that baby Zach would grow up with a brother or sister. Her instant attraction to Bret dynamites her meticulous plan for finding the perfect daddy for Zach. Bret wants kids, but not anytime soon. She should give him up, but he’s everything else she’s ever wanted.

Will the magic of Christmas give them the gift of a happily-ever-after?

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Category: Western Romance

Christmas Redemption

by Misty Winters

If love is a gift, then Riggs Copeland is my very own Santa Claus.
We met in college, where he swept me off my gullible, naïve little feet. His charm had stolen my senses away, and I couldn’t resist him.
He is, without a doubt, the most deliciously attractive man I have ever laid eyes on.
I had been fantasizing about his dreamy green eyes and his body of pure perfection, so imagine my surprise when he asked me out on a date.
The intensity of his gaze sent shivers down my spine and set me on fire, and I fell head over heels, fast.
But suddenly, he was gone, without even saying goodbye.
No phone call.
No text.
What the F**k is wrong with him.? Who does that?
That was ten years ago, and I haven’t heard back from him, until today.
He strolled right back into my life, asking me to be his brother’s lawyer.
You can imagine my surprise to see those naughty, devilish green eyes dance with sheer delight when he saw me across my desk.
Our attraction hasn’t changed. He’s still hot as hell with that devastatingly sexy smile.
But I’m no longer that same carefree girl that I once was. The tides have turned in my life, and now I have responsibilities.
My rational mind and emotional heart are at war with one another. I can’t possibly give in to him.
I’ll only let you crush my heart once.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Sweet Berries

by C.M. Nascosta

Grace has a job she loves, a community she adores, and plenty of friends . . . but her lack of bedroom action has left this event planner too horny to think.

When one ill-advised night at the bar leads to her giving an exhibitionistic show to an unknown presence outside her bedroom window, she thinks she’s hit a new low. When her voyeur turns out to be a nebbishly charming mothman, Grace needs to decide if she can trust her body — and her heart — with this garnet-eyed stranger before he flys out of her life for good.

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Category: Paranormal Romance