Gift-Giving Cowboy

by Vicki Lewis Thompson

Can he outwit her big brother?

A Christmas visit to the Buckskin puts rancher Sky McLintock on a collision course with college teacher Penny Marston. He falls head-over-boots from the get-go, but Penny’s big brother Leo makes it clear no out-of-town stranger is messing with his little sister. And Leo has backup. The other muscular cowboys of the Buckskin Brotherhood made Penny their adopted little sister. One false move and Sky’s goose is cooked.

Penny recently dumped her cheating fiancé and isn’t about to get serious about any man. But a holiday fling with a broad-shouldered cowboy? Heck, yeah! Sky’s the fantasy hero she’s only met in books. Leo may think he can monitor her social life, but he’s not the boss of her. If Sky’s okay with temporary fun and games, she’ll help him out-maneuver Leo and the Brotherhood. Plotting how to fool them will be fun… until she realizes she’s really fooling herself.

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Category: Western Romance

Alien Bonds

by Carmen Webster Buxton

Wakanreans mate for life– but not usually with a human! When Dina Bellaire visits Wakanreo, the unexpected happens; she finds herself tied to Wakanreo –and to one specific Wakanrean—in a way that she had not thought possible. From Kirkus Reviews: Buxton offers an SF story about interplanetary love triumphing, despite the odds . . . Fans of SF romance are certain to appreciate Buxton’s vivid, imaginative landscape, which she populates with thoughtful cultural elements and extensively detailed history. . . . readers will feel truly immersed in their religion, values, and technology of Wakanreo and appreciate the relevance of Buxton’s depiction of a couple fighting for their relationship in a climate of intolerance in this thought-provoking work. A dense but often engrossing tale, grounded in a relatable love affair.

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Category: Science Fiction Romance

Unexpected Surprise

by Mia Faye

Fun fact #1: Tequila is my kryptonite.
Fun fact #2: Tequila was the main drink at my new job’s Halloween party.
Not-so-fun-fact: The Adonis-like masked stranger I slept with at the party turns out to be my new boss.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Amara’s Calling

by C.L. Donley

Grayson Davis trusts only himself to know what’s wrong with him. And after 30-something years so far, he’s got no leads– only symptoms. Once he became a successful and handsome billionaire, the ghosts of his bullied, tortured childhood got locked away, and sex with exotic women became his self-soothing method of choice.

Enter Amara Riley. Seeking his sexual expertise, Amara works up the confidence to brazenly proposition her playboy boss after a chance encounter at the office: 30 days, one million dollars. No strings attached.

Against his better judgment, Grayson takes the deal. Neither anticipates the emotional challenges the contract will bring. Will Amara find out the hard way that she’s not cut out for meaningless sex? Or will it be Grayson Davis who fears that Amara could potentially walk away with more than just his money?

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Category: Multicultural Romance

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