Taylor’s Unexpected Daddy

by Stella Moore

She needs a Daddy. And she’s about to get one from the most unexpected place.

Taylor Dawson is a hot mess. From her disaster of an apartment to her failing grades, nothing in her life seems to be going to plan.

Until her best friend’s older brother steps in and makes her an offer she thought she’d only get in her wildest dreams.

An offer that could change her life, and their small town, forever…

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Category: BDSM

Marble Scars

by Lisa Lovell

An awkward accident with my depilator.
Witnessed by a dangerous man I should have no business with.
Never a better time to get pregnant, right?

To be fair, a lot more had happened before that last part.
Like the fact that I got kidnapped.
By the the most ruthless Bratva enforcer alive.
Who also just happens to be the hottest man alive.

But there’s a lot more to Timur Yakov than those two things.
Sure, he’s a 6.4-foot mass of handsome broodiness.
Sure, his gaze could pierce through ice and his body deserves a standing ovulation.
Excuse me… ovation!

But Timur is haunted by demons.
Demons that could easily crush me and tear my heart to shreds.
And one passionate night is all it takes to release them.

That’s how I end up running for my life, with remnants of my past burning behind me.
That’s how I end up entangled in scars and muscles, in an endless whirlwind of mind-numbing ecstasy.
And eventually, that’s how I end up with a positive pregnancy test in my hand.

But in all of that, I must learn a terrifying lesson:
“Blurred are the lines between pain and pleasure.”

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Category: Erotic Romance

Highland Skies

by C.A. Szarek

Sacrificing the biggest part of who they are for love is only the start… Liam MacLeod, half Fae/half-human, only has wings in the Fae Realm. Over there, his magic is stronger, and he relishes the chance to navigate the skies, despite his family’s warnings of the dangers. His forbidden quest through the Faery Stones takes a perilous turn when he’s intercepted by ruthless Fae Warriors and left for dead. An exiled and compassionate Fae healer, Sienna, discovers Liam and mistakes him for a banished winged Fae Warrior. Tending his wounds sparks an undeniable connection between them, defying the boundaries and laws of their worlds. Liam is forbidden to stay in the Fae Realm, and Sienna’s destiny is tied to a dark, family secret of lost magic and a pact with an evil mage. Fulfilling Sienna’s lifelong desire for magic comes at a great cost she refuses to bear. Following Liam into the Human Realm would mean sacrificing her birthright. Facing insurmountable odds, Liam and Sienna must forge a path where love triumphs, testing their willingness to sacrifice their deepest desires—his wings and her magic.

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Category: Fantasy Romance


by Kate Rudolph

When a mission for Sol Intelligence gets out of hand, Sierra will need to use every skill she has and work with a mysterious alien warrior who awakens an unquenchable desire within her. He’s cold and forbidding, but when he looks at her there’s a fire in his eyes that opens up a whole world of possibilities.

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Category: Science Fiction Romance

Speak No Secrets

by E.R. Whyte

My name is Shiloh Brookings, and I have a dirty little secret.
After an accident kills my mother and injures my younger brother, his medical debt soars. When my new job as a teacher in my small town doesn’t cover the bills, I turn to exotic dancing to help make ends meet.

Then my brother’s best friend sees me in the club and enrolls in my class, and things go from difficult to impossible.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance


by Casey Morales

What if two Ivy League boys were dropped into a James Bond movie?

Will Shaw and his friends are typical American students, still celebrating the end of the Depression and dreaming about a future filled with success. The war in Europe is far away and someone else’s concern.

Until it isn’t.

Compelled to do their part, Will and his best friend enlist, but Uncle Sam has other plans for these boys. Will’s classes become consumed with learning German, understanding topography, and secret uses of radio transmitters.

When Thomas, a handsome Naval officer, steps onto campus, Will’s heart spins nearly as quickly as his head.

Crimson is a slow-burn MM Romance wrapped in a 1940s thriller, a first-in-series that sets up many grand adventures to come.

Fans of Jason Bourne and author Tal Bauer watch out!

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance

Forbidden Love Series Collection: Office Romance Bundle

by Kelly Myers

Irresistible alpha bosses are here to steal your heart and take your breath away. This Forbidden Love Series Collection includes three full-length steamy office romances plus an exclusive bonus story, “Frisky Business.”

Books included in the collection:

My hot neighbor is my new boss. What could possibly go wrong?

Let me make this clear…I shouldn’t have let my best friend date Grayson all those years ago.

It’s hard to keep your hands off your boss when you catch him naked inside the office… and like what you see.

I was all set to say goodbye to dating drama and focus on my new career…and then I met the boss.

If you’re a fan of forbidden billionaire office romances featuring secret babies and second chances, then you’ll love this box set.

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Category: Collections & Anthologies Romance