Heating Up the Cowboy’s Christmas

by Vicki Lewis Thompson

All he wants for Christmas is her…

Widower Andy Hartmann is determined to win the heart of Desiree McLintock, the most fiercely independent woman in Wagon Train, Montana. Andy wasn’t looking for a relationship, but close contact with the sexy lady lights a fire under him. When a rival plans a Christmas visit to Rowdy Ranch, Andy makes his move.

As a child, Desiree had to fend for herself. That harsh lesson convinced her to raise her kids and build a career writing bestselling Westerns without depending on anyone, especially a man. Although she’s strongly attracted to Andy’s cowboy traits — he’s trustworthy, steadfast, and dependable — she insists she doesn’t need him. Until that begins to change. And she panics.

Will the magic of Christmas heal her heart when she’s afraid to fall in love?

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Category: Western Romance

Her Secret Wolf

by Lucy Piper

There is a wounded shifter bleeding all over my petunias. And witches and shifters don’t mix.
But there’s a connection between us I was told was impossible…

The shifters have come. The wards have failed, and it’s up to me to get them back up before whatever injured this wolf returns. I have to stop the bleeding because a dead werewolf in the garden is going to be a lot bigger mess than a live one who can walk away on his own.

I also have to keep my heart from breaking because from the moment he opens his eyes, I can’t look away. It feels like I’ll never be whole again if he leaves.

It turns out there may be a lot more to the story of shifters and witches than we were ever told, because I did not expect to find my soulmate in a wolf.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Savage Betrayal

by Nevah Stone

Scorpion, Undertaker, Lynx.
We’re the Mafia Lords, sons of our fathers, but we have our own way of running our empires, and we like to toy with our enemies before we destroy them.
They’re cold, calculating, and dangerous.
I thought they wanted me, but they only wanted revenge. My father stole from the Mafia, now they want to destroy our family.
They’re dangerous, brutal, and cold in their quest. I’m the one who has to pay for his crimes against them, the one who will suffer the most.
They think they can break me, then destroy me.
But when they throw me to the wolves, then ruin my life, they unleash a rage they never anticipated, and now they’ve become my prey, and I’ll stop at nothing to exact my own revenge.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance