Winter Wedding

by Simone Leigh

Kirstie and Ryan
They love each other…
They’ve waited for this…
They’ve worked for this…
It’s their day…
What could go wrong?
A Steamy Winter Wedding Tale Of Romance And Friendship

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Category: Erotic Romance


The Letters/A Lifetime Foreign Affair

by Mae Adams

It is a love story of two countries, two cultures, two lives, and one love. When macho Marine Corps Colonel, Hewitt Adams, meets a beautiful Korean lady of aristocracy, Mae Yum, the fire of love ignites. Mae’s unexplained prophetic dream under her grandfather’s ginkgo tree in her youth intertwines two lives together. This powerful story is also a collection of two lovers’ letters, respect for cultures, individual lives, and respect for a union in love. It is about lovers who care deeply for each other but are willing to be under the floodlight to touch upon areas that can be detrimental to relationships and erode the self-worth and respect for partners. Full of life lessons and a tender, timeless romance, the letters capture the joys and agony that come with love while exposing the deepest secrets of their hearts. It is poignant, emotional, and at times heartrending.

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Category: Military Romance


My Totally Elfed Christmas

by Audrey Furnas

When Christmas is in jeopardy, it isn’t the packages she needs. It’s the delivery boy.

Adia Bell’s family doesn’t just want to buck tradition. They plan to chuck it out altogether. This is a problem since Adia has had a rough first semester at Avery University, and she’s expecting homemade pie and Christmas preparations to fix everything. Miller is a UPS package handler who hopes the season will be over soon. He wants to keep a low profile and avoid notice. But when his merry new co-worker Adia befriends him, he finds it harder and harder to avoid holiday-related things. Will Adia and Miller find in each other a way to redeem Christmas, or will a short-term attraction only serve to derail both of their futures?

My Totally Elfed Christmas is a sweet romance with a little steam, a lot of laughs, and all the messy charm of the holiday season.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Mad Love

by Colet Abedi

On a tropical island vacation, virgin Sophie Walker turns up the heat with British ​Tycoon Clayton Sinclair. But is his possessive side too much for her to handle?

Twenty-three years is long enough to spend under my parent’s thumbs, bored out of my mind by ​law school​ and my boyfriend, ​I decide to take a much needed break.
So with my two besties in tow—Maldives Islands, here we come!

I was ready for adventure. I was ready for anything.

I wasn’t ready for him.

My old life might have been boring, but Clayton’s doesn’t even seem real.

And when I discover what he’s hiding, I wish none of it was.

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Psychic Undercover (with the Undead)

by Amie Gibbons

Ariana’s a spunky FBI agent who only has the job because she’s psychic. She’s going to prove to her coworkers, and herself, that she’s more than just a pretty face on a young psychic when a serial killer strikes. But even a psychic may not be able to catch him before he kills again in this fun, exciting and hot first installment of the SDF series.

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Category: Paranormal Romance


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