The Sweetest Words

by Laura Ann

His review was supposed to put her bakery on the map…instead it made her the laughingstock of the internet.

Faced with ruin, Aspen did the same thing anyone would do.
She invited him back, but this time it would be on her own terms.

Revenge will be sweet.

Don’t miss this sweet enemies to lover romance by USA Today Best-Selling author, Laura Ann.

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance


by Heather Young-Nichols

A sexy drummer and a rock god’s daughter…what could possibly go wrong?

Indie Cinderstone

All I want is to spend a nice summer with my rock star father.
But then some random guy assumes I’m a groupie and tries to kick me out of the venue.
That’s never happened before. Imagine my surprise when I find out that the random guy is actually Cross Rhodes, the smoking hot drummer for Courting Chaos, Dad’s opener.
I don’t fall for rock stars—ever. Yet Cross quickly has me wanting to break all the rules.

Cross Rhodes

What bigger mistake could I make than to call the sexy, sassy daughter of the man could make or break us a groupie?
Oh. I could also try to kick her out of the arena.
Better yet, I could not be able to get her out of my mind. Indie is off limits.
I don’t seem to care.
Hooking up with her could definitely ruin our big break and we already have our bassist determined to do that.
Still I can’t stay away.

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Category: New Adult & College Romance

Dark Destinies Box Set

by HP Mallory

This box set includes the first 3 books in the bestselling Dark Destinies Series

Start the epic Dark Destinies Series if you love academy romance, multiple narrators, enemies-to-lovers, hardheaded heroines, forbidden romance, twists you won’t see coming, overbearing alpha males and sizzling romance.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Hunted Wolf

by Tala Moore

I’ve waited a long time for revenge. Worked toward this moment my whole life.
And it turns out Cassie is my ticket to justice. She’s seen something she shouldn’t have. And as a bounty hunter, I’ve been tasked with bringing her in.
Except everything I’ve worked for crumbles the moment I set eyes on her. One taste and everything is turned upside down. One night and my life is forever altered.
Turning Cassie over means she’ll be killed. The need to protect what is mine clashes with the lifelong drive for justice. Can I have both?
Or will I have to choose?

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Punished and Used – Sixty Explicit Stories of BDSM, Ménage, Discipline, Spanking, Femdom, and More: Erotica with Explicit Sex for Adults

by Alexandra Noir

We all deserve to be punished and used once in a while.

I know that I do!

This bundle has over sixty stories of BDSM, Discipline, Spanking, Dominance, and Submission.

A CEO who needs to be dominated at night by multiple men to keep her bearings.

A Professional Dominatrix who needs to punished for the things she enjoys doing to men.

An Army Private who gets disciplined by her commanding officer, then by her whole platoon.

A detective who goes undercover as a dominatrix to crack a case.

These stories and dozens more are available in this bundle!

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Category: BDSM

Before She Was Mine

by Amelia Wilde

Summer was mine once.

Leaving her behind to go to war was unforgivable. I survived… barely. Though my body is broken. I never expected to see her at the veteran’s support office.

There are a million reasons I don’t deserve her. Worse than she can imagine. My love is dangerous.

And my secrets are deadly.

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Category: Contemporary Romance