Untamed Magic

by Alexis Calder

A wolf shifter, gorgeous incubus, and sexy billionaire twins. They’re all dangerous. And they all want me. Welcome to the Academy of the Elites.

When I somehow summon fire in an act of self defense, I’m given two choices by the magic cops: attend some stuck-up magic school, or go to magic jail.

There go my plans for the next year. Apparently, I have Untamed Magic, whatever that means. And I’ve got a year to get it under control at this magic academy that’s basically a finishing school for the elite. Everyone here is somebody important. And rich. Except for me.

Which paints quite the target on my back. Being the token poor kid is bad enough. Throw in that I somehow form a mating bond with four of the school’s most eligible bachelors. Oh yeah, like the fact that someone is trying to kill me. FML.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Her Royal Blood: A Reverse Harem Vampire Romance

by Felicity Jordan

Twenty years ago, the Cherki vampire royal family was attacked by a rival clan. The only surviving members, three baby girls, were sent into hiding to live among the humans.

And they were lost.

The sisters know nothing of their vampire royal heritage. They live as humans, their vampire blood dormant. Until one day, through a tragic accident, one sister is revealed.

Rachel hates vampires. They killed her family and left her an orphan. She knows very little of their culture, just rumors of rich decadence and hedonistic power. A place where females rule, and males do their bidding.

It’s a world she wants no part of.

But one she’ll be forced to join.


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Category: Paranormal Romance

Secret Blood Ties: A Reverse Harem Vampire Romance (Her Royal Blood Book 2)

by Felicity Jordan

The second royal sister, Melanie, has been found.
She is due to take her place at the palace, but fate has other plans.
Danger is everywhere, even lurking within her own blood.
She has four suitors willing to die to protect her, but even mysterious vampire princes have their weaknesses.
In between their erotic encounters they’ll have to find out who is threatening the vampire houses.
And it may be up to Melanie to save them all.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Not Destiny

by N.J. Lysk

An alpha who won’t dominate
A beta who won’t surrender
A passion that…
breaks all the rules.

Thomas knows that as a beta he cannot expect to recognize his soulmate. He’s no monk, but he’s too busy with his hockey career and helping make his sisters’ lives with his overbearing parents a little easier.

Uriel is an alpha but he knows he cannot bear the responsibility of bonding an omega. He has his work as a lawyer and also volunteers at an orphanage trying to help the children there any way he can. He’s dated, but he is not willing to enter the kind of relationship an omega expects and betas never believe he will stay.

Except that betas cannot tell if someone is an alpha… And Uriel has no reason to mention it to a one-night-stand. But the fire between them might not be fated, but it’s undeniable, and neither can stop at just once.

Are they brave enough to defy the world’s expectations and strong enough to overcome the limitations of their own biology?

“Not Destiny” is a standalone forbidden A/B/O romance with a side of light BDSM, hockey, courtrooms and a sprinkle of social justice.

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Category: LGBT Romance

Prey For Me

by John Casti

World-renowned scientist Victor can’t resist his attraction to Alex, a brilliant financier-and his addiction to her touch drives him over the edge.

The two are thrust together as business partners in the risky world of London finance, complicating and raising the stakes of their personal games. As Alex’s behavior becomes increasingly violent, Victor suspects that she is behind the sinister actions involving others in the firm.

Yet, Victor’s intellectual curiosities and desires are piqued by this added dimension of mystery and danger. Alex toys with his emotions like a well-played guitar … then disappears.

Who will win this psychological game of sensuality and desire?
Short: World-renowned scientist Victor is thrust together with Alex, a brilliant financier in the risky world of London finance. Alex plays with Victor’s emotions and her behavior becomes increasingly violent.. Who will win this psychological game of sensuality and desire?

Praise for John Casti’s Paradigm Lost
“A Deep and careful pleasant consideration of what science is and how it is done. It would make anyone want to be a scientist.” –Isaac Asimov

“Extraordinary…brought off with considerable erudition…absorbing reading”
–Kirkus Reviews

Praise for John Casti’s X-Events
“I am assiduous reader of John Casti’s books. He is a real scientific intellectual.” –Nassim Nicholas Taleb, author of The Black Swan

“One of America’s greatest pioneers of simulation.” –London Times

“Casti is at his best in presenting difficult philosophical ideas enthusiastically and lucidly, and in presenting everyday examples to illustrate them…Entertaining and absorbing.” –NY Times Book Review

“Dazzling … A delightful tour de force … Casti [is] a good teacher.” –LA Times

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

Take A Chance On Me

by Weston Parker

Not all alpha males are assholes.
But the guy that messed up Tiffany’s self-image sure as hell was.
This beautiful, curvy woman has held my imagination captive since the day she started working with me.
She has no idea how gorgeous, powerful, and intelligent she is.
But that ruse is up.
I’m going to tell her. Show her. Press that truth upon her until she sees herself like I do.
I haven’t been with a woman since losing my wife around the holidays, but it’s time to give love a second chance. My son and I are ready to have a family again.
Now I just need to convince her to take a chance on me.
It’ll be the best decision of her life.
I’ll make sure of it.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Change My Mind

by Ali Parker

In his mind, I’m the one that got away. Now he’s looking for a Christmas miracle to make his billion-dollar investment shine like the top of a tree, and he’s staring right at me. But if he’s looking for love of any sort where I’m concerned, he’s off his rocker. Unfortunately for me, this wicked hot, filthy rich lost love of mine has other plans. He’s gonna try and change my mind.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

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