Just This Once (Blackhawk Security Book 5)

by Margaret Watson

Due to spillover danger from the Russian mob involving Sierra’s law partner, she’s been assigned a bodyguard. And ex-CIA agent Cody is it. She seems relieved rather than horrified the threat’s coming from the mob. And other things don’t add up. He’s never met such a self-contained, composed, attractive, downright puzzling woman. And he can’t resist a puzzle—or Sierra. A definite no-no in his job.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

Home for Christmas

by Camilla Isley

Would you share a bed with your enemy to save Christmas?

Facing a looming deadline, author Riven heads to a mountain cabin for a much-needed writing retreat over Christmas. But a double booking leaves him crammed in the space with another family — and sharing a bunk bed with playwright Wendy. Cue the shenanigans in this cheerful read!

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Category: Romantic Comedy

Christmas Cards and Cowboys

by Macie St. James

When a Hollywood production sets its sights on Snowy Canyon Ranch for this year’s Christmas movies, it’s lights, camera…romance for the cowboys involved.

Landon Dixon has one reason for being at Snowy Canyon Ranch. As an investor in his brother’s production company, he’s there to protect his investment. Once he earns enough, he plans to cash in and buy his own ranch to run for the rest of his life.

Audrie Bishop has no plans to help out with the Christmas productions taking place on her best friend’s ranch. But when that best friend asks her to bring her hairstyling expertise to the set, she can’t resist. Meeting Landon Dixon is a nice surprise, but she has to keep herself from falling for him. She can’t waste time on another dead-end relationship.

As the week goes on, though, Landon and Audrie find they have an undeniable bond. Falling for her could put Landon’s entire plan in jeopardy, though, especially when doing so might make the movie’s star walk off the set. How long can they keep their feelings secret from everyone on set? Especially when neither one of them can afford to fall in love.

The Lights, Camera, Christmas series is a sweet, clean contemporary western romance series filled with swoon-worthy cowboys and a small-town setting.

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Category: Western Romance

Pretty Little Lies

by Ivy Thorn

Nicolo almost took everything from me. My virginity, my reputation, and very nearly my future. The heir to a mafia fortune, he’s arrogant, cocky, and devastatingly handsome—and I only just escaped him.

But he left me with something that means I can never forget.

Now, with the help of my aunt, I’m raising my daughter and pursuing my dream of being a ballerina. All I want is to fulfil my late parents’ wishes and move on with my life—and when I start fresh at Rosehill Academy, I think I’ve accomplished that. Until he appears again.

He doesn’t remember me. He doesn’t know he gave me a child. And once he sees me dance?

He’s obsessed.

As for me? I’ll do anything to stay out of his clutches—even if my body remembers what happened between us four years ago and still longs for it…despite everything he’s done.

His lies may be pretty…but I swear I won’t fall for them twice.

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Category: Contemporary Romance