Foolish Mistakes

by Jeana E. Mann

REVENGE SO SWEET!!! A steamy, enemies-to-lovers, second chances, billionaire office romance that will leave you breathless from USA Today bestselling author Jeana E. Mann. Dakota broke Sam’s heart and disappeared without a trace. He tracked her down, took over her company, and became her new boss. Despite the lies, the secrets, and the danger, they never fell out of love. Start the heartwrenching, epic love story of Sam and Dakota today. “So much more than your standard romance novel.”

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Category: Erotic Romance


The Sweetest Words

by Laura Ann

When Aspen’s father finally hands her the keys to the family bakery, she knows it’s her time to shine. With her sisters at her side, she remodels and re-themes their little store on Main Street in order to keep the family legacy alive, all while keeping the public ignorant of her father’s illness.

And she knows just how to kick start the grand re-opening in a big way…a review from ‘Eat It Austin’.

Austin has built his entire career on a facade. He adores food, but his struggle with dyslexia keeps him from actually writing any of the articles under his name. When his editor takes his review of “The Three Sisters Cafe” and turns the cafe into a joke, Austin feels terrible, but powerless.

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance


Claimed by the Irish: An Arranged Marriage Mafia Romance (Book 1)

by Britt McKenna

He’s next in line to rule the Irish mob, and he’ll do anything to make me his.

I’ve been sheltered from the dangers of my family’s criminal activity for most of my life, but when one mistake puts me in debt to the Irish, I have no choice but to accept responsibility and agree to their demands…as Declan MacKenzie’s fiancée.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


When Darkness Falls: The Palace

by Allie McCormack

Orphaned since childhood and outcast, Alyssa joins a caravan to the fabled Al Khair where she seeks only to make a new life for herself. A life that quickly becomes complicated when she draws the attention of the Dark Lord himself.

A thousand years ago, Lord Damien permitted the humans to build their city. When he senses a new, immensely powerful magical being in the land, Damien suspects the humans of plotting to overthrow him. Furious, he searches for the source of this power, but he cannot stop thinking of the young woman in the tower who had seen through his glamour spell that cloaks him from humans. When he discovers that Alyssa is the mysterious being he has been seeking, his determination to have her for his own threatens to pit the two races, human and vampire, against each other in all-out war.

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Category: Paranormal Romance