Taming Beckett

by G.K. Brady

His career is in the penalty box. She’s struggling to save her marriage. Are they about to make the perfect score?

When pro hockey’s bad boy, thirty-two-year-old Beckett Miller, is caught supplying the drugs that nearly kill his latest one-night stand, the dominoes of his high-octane celebrity life tumble.

Beckett becomes the sport’s pariah and braces for the fight of his life armed with only a yearning for another chance and one lifeline: Paige Anderson, the reluctant real estate agent Beckett coaxes to sell what’s left after the fallout.

Paige has a big heart and a husband with a secret but is in peril of losing both as she forges an unexpected bond with Beckett–a bond that bares the man concealed beneath the bad boy bluster.

If you love enemies-to-friends-to-lovers romances, you’ll enjoy this steamy read that twists its way to a happily-ever-after.

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Category: Sports Romance

Holiday Hotel

by Poppy Minnix

Sometimes, it takes a corset and an island getaway to bounce back from a disastrous breakup.

Cozette Fay says fa-la-la to her fizzled relationship and escapes to the tropics for Christmas where she meets Nico, a van-driving beach-hunk who secretly owns the hotel on private Simona Island. He upgrades her room, takes her on adventures, and can’t seem to keep his eyes or his hands off of her despite claiming there’s a non-fraternization policy.

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Category: Holidays Romance

Forever After

by Ashley R. King

On the Vampire Reality Show, Forever After, unexpected love isn’t the only plot twist.

Autumn Reid is in a rut. At nearly thirty, she hasn’t ventured outside her sleepy Georgia town, Covey Crossing. Spotting an ad for a new dating show, Forever After, she jumps on the chance. It’s a dating show with a twist—a vampire bachelor. Sure, the winner gets either cash or immortality, but Autumn doesn’t expect to make it that far. She just needs a shakeup in her dull life. What she doesn’t expect is the infuriatingly handsome vampire duke.

But a love-hate relationships is the least of Autumn and Oliver’s problems. Contestants are being murdered one by one, and a vampire appears to be to blame. But the show must go on, and the director is convinced a relocation to their finale in England will solve all their problems.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Under the Influence

by Nikki Belaire

“Don’t – for even one second – ever think I don’t love you. I’ve been living in hell every single day for the last six months without you.”

This mob boss has everything he wants, except a second chance with the woman who hates him. When the holiday season brings the beautiful librarian back in his life, he does everything he can to prove they belong together.

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Category: Holidays Romance


by Sarah Michelle Jones

When Amelia Winger finds herself in need of a new place to live in the middle of a pandemic, her friend Mark proposes an unconventional solution: a legal marriage that would give Amelia a place to live and allow Mark to prove to his father that he’s “settled down” enough to inherit the family practice.

Knowing their friends and family would frown on such reasons for marriage, they agree to pretend to be in love for everyone else’s benefit. But as they begin to share the challenges of work, family, and life in 2020, the lines between pretense and reality become more and more difficult to distinguish.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

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