Thick Wood: A Reverse Harem Lumberjack Romance

by Chloe Kincaid

It was meant to be a business trip.

Check on the secluded mountain cabins my real estate firm had recently spent a bundle building. See if they could be turned into some sort of resort getaway for the rich and burned out.

As the high-powered female CEO, I would do everything I could to make the project a success.

But with three burly lumberjacks stomping around the forest, all shirtless and sweaty, muscles bulging, getting in my way, I can’t seem to get anything done.

I just want some peace and quiet so I can concentrate. But Caleb, Mark, and Todd aren’t about to give me any of that.

They have something else in mind.

Come to think of it, so do I…

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Category: Contemporary Romance

For The Win (Gamer Girls Book 6)

by Auryn Hadley & Kitty Cox

Rhaven grew up hiding behind the keys of a computer. It was easier than trying to face the real world. Out there, she was a lie. Out there, people called her Ethan and assumed she was a man. Then the man of her dreams decides to drop in for a casual visit, and she doesn’t know what to do.

He says he doesn’t care, but everyone does.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Playing the Pauses

by Michelle Hazen

Kate is a globe-trotting tour manager who can’t be tied down.
Danny is a Dominant rock star and tattoo artist who needs her help to explore his true kinks.

After they collide in one unforgettably erotic night on a hotel balcony, he comes to her with a proposition. As a former BDSM club performer, Danny’s spent so long fulfilling other people’s fantasies that now he wants to reclaim his own—and he says she’s the only one who can help.

Getting caught in bed with her rock star boss could cost her career, and yet there’s something about Danny’s quiet intensity that she can’t resist. He steals her heart, hard. But the end of the tour is approaching, and their jobs are headed two different directions.

To be together one of them must stop touring, but the only thing they crave as much as each other is a life in music.

Reviewers are calling this “intense,” “addictive” and “sexy as hell”!

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Category: Contemporary Romance


by K.C. Crowne

“This isn’t up for discussion. My cabin. My rules.”

A HOT lumberjack just saved my life.
Now I have to spend the holidays in his cabin.
Just me and all 6’6” of him. Alone in the woods.
I can’t decide if I want to run for the hills.
Or for once in my life let my libido do the talking.

The Bratva left me numb. Full of regrets.
Years of celibacy was my punishment.
Now, Angela’s presence makes things exceptionally….hard.
She was supposed to be my hostage…
But as look into those innocent eyes all I see is… yearning.
I’m addicted to every inch of her. Her full breasts. Her curvy hips. Her sweet scene.

I’m afraid nothing will stop me from having all of her.
The problem is I don’t ask. I take.
Now, I’ll destroy anyone that could take her away.
The Bratva is coming for us. I can lose my life. But I won’t let harm come to her.
So who will be left standing when the bullets fall?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Business and Pleasure

by Nicole Highland


Driven by success, Sasha Harding has a simple plan: learn as much as possible, be the best graphic artist she can be, and leave her heart at home. And with a strict no-dating policy at Brinkman Advertising, it’s a piece of cake until Nathan Brenner arrives. Thanks to a mishap on the stairwell, they quickly find their passion for hard work isn’t the only passion they share in common.

Will Sasha be forced to choose between Nathan and her work, or will she be able to enjoy business and pleasure?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Her Billionaire Daddy

by Allison West

Marry him for eighteen months and receive two million dollars for her trouble. The only catch…

He owns the hottest lifestyle club in all of New York City. It’s secretive, exclusive, and caters to Daddy Doms.

Romance author, Samantha Bellamy, is shocked when she attends a book signing and runs into her high school crush, Martin Taylor.

He’s a billionaire with a secret. He’s owner of an exclusive club for Daddy Doms and littles to openly explore the lifestyle.

He’s also notorious for his playboy personality, bedding a new woman every night.

There’s a deal to be made worth potentially billions and Martin can’t let it get away. The only problem is the board of directors doesn’t like his playboy persona.

He offers Samantha the deal of a lifetime. Marry him for eighteen months and receive two million dollars for her trouble. The only catch, no sex.

Oh, and she has to call him Daddy!

Publishers Note: This is the first book in the sizzling hot new series, Western Daddy Doms. Each book features a different Daddy and can be read independently, with a guaranteed HEA and no cliff-hanger ending!

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Category: Western Romance

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