Legacy Academy Year One

by M Guida

Welcome to Legacy Academy!
There are three rules at this supernatural academy:
# 1—Date your own kind. Mixing with other races is forbidden.
# 2—Never speak or look at The Royals, the powerful princes destined to rule each of their kingdoms.
# 3—Avoid the human world.

Of course, I’ve already broken all the rules.

There’s something different about me.
Something that’s not pure.

I’m not like the other dragon shifters. Maybe it’s because of my human blood.

The Royals have noticed me, and every girl at the Academy hates me.

I never knew the paranormal world existed until one day I have a fight with Mom, I come home to find her gone, and poof, I’m a dragon shifter.

It would have been nice if Mom would have told me. But then again, secrets rule my family…

But now she’s been kidnapped and I have no answers. I have to find her. Some powerful demon is after me, because supposedly I’m a threat to his power. Which is crazy! Has he seen me in class?

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Category: Urban Romance

Wild Scots Boxed Set Volume I

by Jolie Vines

Stubborn Scotsmen and strong women.
Extreme sports, surprise pregnancies, and all the steam.
Enter the world of the Wild Scots now!

Hard Nox (Wild Scots, #1)
Lennox McRae is a dirty fighter. He crashed my car, stole my first kiss, then walked away with another woman.
There’s no reason why, years later, when I see him in a fight, I should be lusting after his body. They call him Hard Nox, but I know him, and damned if he’s getting an easy ride back into my life.

Perfect Storm (Wild Scots, #2)
All my life, I tried to be perfect. But boy did I make a mistake. An unexpected wild night of passion made an indelible memory. And a positive pregnancy test.
My tall, dark, and handsome bedmate and I agreed to one night only. I’m about to track him down with a big surprise.

Lion Heart (Wild Scots, #3)
Out of jail after three years locked up, I’m burning for freedom. Before, I’d wanted commitment. Marriage. Babies. A woman who could never be mine. No more. Now my only plan is to live it up.
But at the probation office, a desperate woman pleads for help while a toddler clings to her skirts.
She’s a stranger. Not my problem. No way should I be listening in.
Except…I know her. She’s the reason I went to prison. Now I have a chance to find out why.

This boxed set contains the first three novels in the Wild Scots series. Once you start reading, you won’t want to stop. Download this now to enter a world of gorgeous scenery and hot Scots!

“Jolie Vines has become a one-click author for me” – J. Saman, Bestselling Author

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance



Miss Grace Buchanan has given up any hope of marrying. She’s been too occupied raising her younger siblings while her drunkard father spends all of their funds. When a horrid sickness envelops the cottage, she meets the new Parson of Bramley, whom she’s never forgotten. All she desires is an everlasting love, but with her family dynamics, it makes any sort of relationship a touch complex.

When tragedy is set to strike, Matthew Morten is called home suddenly. It’s time for him to take his place as the parson of Bramley. With his meddling mother and a sickness that is sweeping through the town, Matthew has to lean on his faith to get him through. But when he sets eyes upon one industrious woman, he can’t seem to keep her, nor her hazel eyes, far from his thoughts.

Will these two wounded souls find a Love Ever Lasting, or will responsibilities and family drama keep them forever apart?

Love Ever Lasting is a clean Regency Romance and the third book in a three-story series that will entertain and delight you with its swoon-worthy heroes and the compelling leading ladies that capture their hearts. Each book can be read as a standalone, but are best read in release order.

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance