by Zoe Ashwood

Amber Bay, Alaska, has it all.

A cozy log cabin with a roaring fireplace? Check.

A remote location where my family can’t find me? Check.

Three hot guys I can’t stop thinking about? Also check.

But the small off-grid town also has a mysterious undercurrent running through it. People are wary of strangers – even though they don’t know I’m a witch – and mothers shoo their children away when I’m near.

Something’s not right here, and I intend to find out what it is.

But I’m afraid that digging up this town’s secrets might expose my own.

Tempted is a ‘why choose’ paranormal romance perfect for readers who enjoy sassy heroines, sexy sea dragon shifter heroes, and enough steamy scenes to heat up even a cold Alaskan night. This is the first book of a finished trilogy.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Fighting Her Touch

by MT Cassen

Marisa is everything Liz desires in a partner. Will Liz be able to secure her happiness with a new love? Or will Liz’s secret be the one thing that pulls Marisa away from her once and for all?
Fighting Her Touch is an extraordinary story of love and growth. Liz and Marisa have something special, but it’ll require honesty to acknowledge their connection, and courage to follow their hearts.
Two women, one love. Sometimes, the wrong person is the right one for you!
Lose yourself in doubt and desire with Liz and Marisa.
What Do You Do If Ms. Wrong Is Just What The Doctor Ordered?

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Category: LGBT Romance

Prince of Frogs

by Amberlyn Holland

A cursed prince unwilling to feel.
A reluctant assassin who’ll do anything to find her missing brother.
Except kill the man she was sent to eliminate.

It’s going to take more than a simple kiss for Evonna and Alaistar to find their Happily-Ever-After.

This Frog Prince inspired fantasy romance novel features the powerful bonds of family, enemies falling in love, and a mysterious magical cat.

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Category: Fantasy Romance

Dirty Boys

by Jade C. Jamison

Hot rock stars? Check!
Bad boys? Check!
Finding the perfect woman? Check!
Sexy times? Yes, please!

Dig into this box set containing four full-length rock star romance novels to discover why Jade’s readers call her the “Queen of Rockstar Romance.”

Contains these four novels…
Everything But
On the Run
Love and Lies

This box set also includes two bonus novellas: NO PLACE LIKE HOME from the Bullet series and BEATING HEARTS from the Vagabonds series.

“This author does it right. She doesn’t just throw the rockstar title around. Nope, she gives her readers what they crave. You can go in knowing you’re gonna get the whole experience.” – Rosa, iScream Books, review for ON THE RUN

Are you READY? Which rock star god will you fall hardest for? Start reading and find out…

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Category: Collections & Anthologies Romance