Dark and Dangerous

by Felicity Heaton

Discover bewitching new worlds, dangerously dark and delicious heroes, and powerful heroines in this first in series collection of four passionate paranormal romance books from New York Times best-selling romance author Felicity Heaton.

There’s something for everyone inside, whether you love vampires / dark elves, Greek gods, angels or shifters. You won’t want to leave these richly detailed and lush worlds as you find yourself swept up in them and the heroes and heroines as they fight for their happily forever afters!

Books included in the Dark and Dangerous First in Series Paranormal Romance Collection are:
Kissed by a Dark Prince (Eternal Mates series)
Claimed by her Cougar (Cougar Creek Mates series)
Ares (Guardians of Hades series)
Her Guardian Angel (Her Angel: Eternal Warriors series)

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Category: Paranormal Romance


by Melissa Koberlein

Adam has a secret. One he’d kill to keep.

For fans of Riverdale and Stranger Things, prepare for a reading experience like no other. Ashwater comes with a Spotify playlist with featured 80s’ songs from the book!

Ashwater, Colorado seems like a quaint tourist town. But locals know otherwise. Mysterious disappearances spanning decades and rumors of strange experiments at the nearby Bio-Core facility are part of the town’s everyday lore.

After escaping Bio-Core, Adam just wants to fit in–a hard task for an android. He finds a home at Jack’s Arcade, and everyone loves his new dance game. When he meets Evie, a girl who lights up his CPU, he wavers between kissing her and obeying his programming to kill her.

When Adam reveals his secret to Evie, will their connection keep her safe, or will his killer instinct win out?

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Category: Romantic Comedy


by Melissa Koberlein

She’s got an eye for fashion and kill shots.

Fresh off the assembly line at Bio-Core, Iris is Ashwater’s newest teen android, and she’s determined to fit in. When she steps into the local clothing shop, she feels an instant connection and overwrites her killer instincts with miniskirts and cropped sweaters.

And that’s not the only thing consuming her memory files…

Gage had the perfect jump shot. But after a terrible family secret threatens to turn his world upside down, he’ll be lucky to make it through the season. His only solace is with Iris, a perfect girl created in his family’s lab. When he learns that she’s harboring a secret too, one that could destroy them both, he must choose—succumb to the family curse or embrace it.

Full of mystery, humor, and eighties’ music, You won’t want to miss the second book in Melissa Koberlein’s captivating new series!

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Christmas with the Cowboys

by Mary Sue Jackson

Get ready for three sexy Cowboy Christmas presents…

Snuggle up in front of the fire and fall in love with three rugged cowboys who lose their hearts and find romance… All with the help of a little Christmas magic. Deck the halls with a heartwarming Mary Sue Jackson boxset…

In Snowed in with the Rancher, Tate McConnell sets out to save a mom and her two daughters from the wilderness, but he’s in for a shock. Not only is Olivia Wickham the woman he spent the night with on a cruise years ago, but her twin girls are his! Can these two lovers rekindle their romance, and create the perfect Christmas… Before it’s too late?

In Cowboy’s Christmas Rodeo, Axel King is determined to win the Pride River Christmas Rodeo, before he settles down. So he enlists his old friend, Belle Manning, to keep him focused and out of trouble. In exchange, he’ll give her a plot of land so she can build her clinic. But it doesn’t take long before their fake relationship starts feeling all too real. Will Axel turn into the Christmas present Belle didn’t know she wanted all along?

And in Cowboy’s Christmas Past, Beau Taylor never thought he’d see Amelia Crawford again, after she became a big movie star. But when she shows up in town to shoot a western years later, their worlds collide. Beau is the only man Amelia has ever loved. But how can she trust that this cowboy won’t break her heart again? Maybe what they both need is a bit of Christmas magic…

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Category: Western Romance

25 Reasons to Hate Christmas and Cowboys

by Elle Thorpe

Isabel’s got a Christmas disaster for each of her 25 years. When her boss sends her from the sun-kissed beaches of Australia to snowy small-town Wyoming, it’s just another thing to add to her ‘do not like’ list. Snow sucks. Christmas sucks. And cowboys suck most of all.

Except maybe for one…

Johnny loves Christmas. And it only gets better when he lays eyes on a grinchy brunette with the cutest accent around. She might only be in town for a few weeks, but he’s never been one to back down from a challenge. He’s going to right every wrong on her list to make her fall in love with Christmas.

And with him.

25 Reasons to Hate Christmas and Cowboys is a standalone romantic comedy sure to give you all the feels of a Hallmark movie, but with the steamy scenes you know you know you’ve been missing.

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Category: Romantic Comedy

Meet Mason, the Billionaire

by Laura Olsen

Meeting this hot guy at the art gallery lead to the best night in my life.

Godlike body, dominant personality and a billion in the bank account.
In his own bank.

And all the naughty things he makes me do in his bedroom.

Too good to be true? It is.

All this time he was only after one thing…

I really hate the day I met Mason, the Billionaire.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Mountain Man’s Gift

by K.C. Crowne

Four years ago, I offered give the mountain man of my dreams my V-card.
Only to be turned down miserably.
Now Santa has a special surprise in store for the two of us.

Boone Callaghan was BIG in every sense of the word.
His body. His presence. His charm.
But crushing over my bestie’s big bro was complicated.

I kept my feelings locked up.
Until one drunken night I offered to give him my V-card…
Before being turned down miserably.

That was the last time I saw of him.

Now, I’m back in town to take care of my sick father.
We’re drowning in bills and it’s feeling like the worst holiday season ever.

In comes the man I vowed never to see again.
Impossibly hotter than ever.
This time he’s a single daddy.
D.I.L.F. is more like it.

Boone desperately needs a nanny.
I desperately need the money.

The winter days may be freezing outside.
But inside the Callaghan residence it’s burning up.

But there’s a darkness from the past that refuses to stay locked up.
And I find myself protecting Boone’s son as my very own.

How do I tell Boone in the middle of all of this…
That we have a Christmas miracle on the way???

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Cruel Daddy

by Bianca Cole

My father has kept me locked away in an ivory tower.
I thought he wanted to protect me, but he only wanted to protect his asset.
An untouched, sheltered mob princess is worth a lot of money to the right buyer.

My father’s greed means Sicily is no longer big enough for him.
I’m shipped across the Atlantic to Boston to marry a man I’ve never met, whose reputation for cruelty reaches as far as the shores of Sicily.

Milo Mazzeo is as dark as they come.
He’s a ruthless don with no morals, and he’s about to become my husband.
I’m nothing more than a slave to tend to his every whim and need.
If he thinks I’m going to accept my fate without a fight, he is mistaken.

I always expected to marry for love, but all I feel is hate toward this beautiful beast.
They say there is a fine line between love and hate.
Could the fire of hatred really twist into something more?

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Category: Erotic Romance

Savage Daddy

by Bianca Cole

Desperation led me into the hands of a savage.
I should never have considered auctioning my virginity.

The kind of men likely to bid are the type you never want to meet.
Dark, twisted, and dangerous.
Malachy is no exception.
He buys me at the auction.
He takes me home and locks me away.
It turns out selling your virginity has an entirely different meaning to what I thought.
I expect one night, and then I’m free.
That’s not the case when it comes to Malachy McCarthy.
I belong to him until he says so.
Nothing more than a toy to play with until he decides he’s bored.
The man is a savage, and I’m his next meal.
I don’t know if I’ll come out at the end of this in one piece.
More importantly, I’m not sure I can keep my heart untouched.
Will this savage bend and break that as well?

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