Alien Bonds

by Carmen Webster Buxton

A story of two very different people from two very different cultures, a sort of AVATAR combined with PRIDE & PREJUDICE. In ALIEN BONDS, two lives are changed in an instant. Industrial chemist Dina Bellaire travels all the way to the planet Wakanreo to advance her career. Her carefully planned life goes up in flames the second she meets Kuaron Du, a Wakanrean who makes his living singing ancient songs in a dead language. Both of them know they can’t go back to the way they were before they met. They just have to convince the rest of the universe that what happened to them is real.

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Category: Science Fiction Romance


by Skye Anne Chariss

He has been shying away from the public and is forced to attend a put on mask party. He meets a beautiful, curvaceous and elegant, lady.

Since Cliff had a terrible accident that left him scarred for life. He has been living indoors, avoiding people because of how they will look at him as though they see a monster. He attends this special mask- on the party and meets her; the attraction is so intense.

Their first kiss makes him want more, but she is reserved. Taking it slow is not in their vocabulary.

Will Cliff remove his mask?

Will she agree to go on this venture with a masked man?

If you love a mystery erotic short read, then get your copy.

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Category: Erotic Romance

Twins for Brother’s Best Friend

by Sofia T Summers

The only thing that’s worse than being your ex boyfriend’s surrogate is falling in love with him and not wanting to give up his babies.

Yes, I said babies.
As in plural.
Not one. But two.
I never thought that I’d give birth to twins.
Especially the twins that I can’t even keep.

I fake married Isaac, my brother’s best friend, who desperately needed an heir to be able to keep his billion-dollar kingdom.

And I needed his money to keep myself from drowning under my student debt.

But no, if only a simple contract could guarantee that I don’t catch feelings.

He’s the man who took my V-card all those years ago.
The same man who still adores my curves, and the one whose babies I’m pregnant with.

Is it too bad that I don’t want his money anymore? I want things that he can never give me… his heart and a family.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Forbidden and Explicit Erotica for Adults – 65 Books – BDSM, Ménage, Cuckolding, Ganging, and More

by Christi Cabernet

Christi Cabernet is happy to bring you this bundle filled with ménage stories, BDSM, cuckolding, interracial encounters, and so much more!

This bundle of stories will leave you breathless! It will leave you saying I never thought of doing that, but now I definitely want to try!

These stories are taken from the works of Raven Merlot, Alexandra Noir, Rod Fetcher, and Bambi Hammer. This group of perverts can’t wait to share their fetishes, kinks, dirty fantasies, and extravagant past adventures with you!

These stories include explicit content for women and men who are ready for some adventures!

What are you waiting for? This’ll just be our little secret.

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance

Upgrade and Restart: A Laugh Out Loud Office Worker Romantic Comedy (Office Worker Romance Comedy Book 1)

by Elizabeth Hotte

Reeling from heartbreak and betrayal, Dex was not looking for love at all.
Rather, he spends his time at the office, working hard and appreciating the welcome distraction it brings.
Then the stunning and angelic Chrissy breezes into his workplace and into his life, turning the latter upside down.
Though he is convinced that she is far too good for him, Dex finds himself basking in the glow of Chrissy’s interest.
So begins a whirlwind of romance, passion, and a sonata of emotions as the two feel their way into each other’s embrace.

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Category: Romantic Comedy

The First Lady: An Erotic Adventure

by Victoria Rush

When Jade bumps into an incognito First Lady during a political convention in town, the two strike up a conversation in her local coffee shop. After the First Lady hears about Jade’s attempt to provide support for her husband’s political campaign, she invites her to Washington to attend a gala event at the White House.

When the two women meet again at the gala, sparks begin to fly between them while they struggle to control their growing feelings for one another. During a break in the event, they excuse themselves from the proceedings and meet in the White House powder room, where they enjoy a brief but intense tryst.

The following day, the First Lady calls Jade at her hotel where they clandestinely meet up once again to have a sexy romp in her hotel room. But it’s not until Liz invites Jade to spend a night in the Lincoln Bedroom and the President catches them in the throes of passion that things begin to get really interesting…

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Category: Erotica

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