Possessed by the Devil

by Nicola Rose

Angel is one of the fiercest demon hunters in existence, renowned for her brutality and success rate. Yet every night she submits to her darkest desires when a wickedly delicious demon visits her dreams. Imagine her surprise to discover her dirty little secret is Lucifer himself, and he’s come to collect his prize in the flesh.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Run, Run Rabbit

by C.M. Nascosta

Vanessa loves having Grayson Hemming chase her, and she’ll do anything to keep him running.

When werewolf Vanessa Blevin begins working at new law firm, she expects long hours, hard work, and harder personalities. Her boss is a demanding, demeaning bully who begins cutting her down on her very first day — cutting her down and setting her blood on fire. Grayson Hemming is tall, dark, alphahole handsome, the exact sort of werewolf she does not need in her life . . . but there’s something about the way he smells, his cutting smile, and the way his eyes always seem to find her. Her wolf wants his, and the feeling is mutual.

The lines between their professional lives and personal desires are blurred every full moon in his bed, and the only way she knows how to keep from being burned is to keep running.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Stealing Her Man (Books 1-3)

by Bella Beaumont

Sandy Harrington has had enough of the mean girls at her school bullying her. She decides she’s going to put on her big girl panties and get back at them… in the lewdest way possible.

She wants to hit the bullies where it hurts the most.

But once she executes her devious schemes, Sandy realizes she’s in over her head. With all the attention from these hot boys, can she satiate their hungry desires? Or will their dominating ways and alpha personalities be too much for her to handle?

All she knows is she’s going to have a fantastic time finding out how much she can take!

(Contains the three books in the Stealing Her Man series: Revenge is Best Served Lewd, Don’t Get Mad… Get Even, and It’s Raining Men. Warning: Contains cheating, strong language, and explicit scenes.)

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Category: Erotica

Bring me Back

by Amy Oliveira

Hallie Delos Santos was seventeen years old when she fled the small town of Bluehaven without looking back
Five years later, she returns.
With a past she refuses to talk about, Hallie needs to walk the halls of her old school with her head held high.

She can’t fall, especially when the woodwork teacher takes an interest in her and promises this time no one is chasing her out of town.

Daniel Miller is older, stronger, and obsessed with making Hallie talk. They should be polar opposites, but against all odds, the conversations last hours and the chemistry is undeniable.

Hallie has a secret, but so does Daniel.
He’s the woodwork teacher, and she’s the costume designer.
He’s smiles, and she’s the silence.
He’s determined, and she’s his.

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Category: Contemporary Romance