Christmas Ever After: A Heartfelt Christmas Romance From the Writer of the Netflix Hit A Christmas Prince

by Karen Schaler

From the “holiday publishing darling” (Entertainment Weekly) who wrote Netflix’s A Christmas Prince comes this charming, fun-filled story. Romance novelist Riley must choose between her three ex-boyfriends during one weekend at Christmas Lake Lodge — as they plan epic dates to win her heart!

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Category: Contemporary Romance



by Vi Carter

A debt is owed, and he takes me as payment.

When my father runs up too much debt, I pay the price.
I’ve been sold.
Sold to a man who vows to break me.
A man who keeps his face hidden from me, even as his dark desires awaken mine.
It wasn’t my debt to pay, but he took me, anyway.
He said he would have his payment, even if it cost me my soul.

I run the club.
If someone steps out of line, they either work for me or disappear.
But when a local man runs up too much debt, I take his daughter as payment.
She is mine to do with as I please.
I will have her completely; mind, body, and soul.
Nothing would please me more than breaking her.
I didn’t think I would feel for her.
I didn’t think I could love again.
Now I might be the one who ends up broken.

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Category: New Adult & College Romance


I Believe in Love: A Complete Series Boxed Set (Billionaires in Disguise)

by Blair Babylon

From USA Today Bestselling Author Blair Babylon, the complete series about a woman hiding from the Russian mafia who meets a world-famous royal billionaire, and then she has to run.

Instant attraction with a tall, ripped billionaire at a high society wedding threatens to blow Georgie’s cover . . .

Ex-classical pianist-in-hiding Georgie Johnson unexpectedly receives a command-invite to a royal wedding in Paris. Despite every warning bell screaming in her head, she goes, and she meets sexy billionaire Alexandre de Valentinois.

She also meets the Russian mobsters who have been hunting for her for years. They intend to take Georgie’s father’s debt to them out of her hide.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Rescue Me

by Lauren Connolly

When the universe screws you over, adopt a dog. Paige Herbert doesn’t know how she lost control of her life. She decides this time around her life partner will have four legs instead of two. But her newly rescued pit bull needs training. And the perfect guy for the job has Paige forgetting the past.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Just Right

by Jessie Gussman

Sometimes a match that’s all wrong, turns out to be just right.

While waiting to audition for a rare tubist seat opening, Avery Williams intends to cheer up her cancer ridden neighbor. She plans a throwback Christmas party in the barn where the sick woman got engaged forty years ago. It will be the highlight of the year, unless the building gets destroyed first.

In town for a short while to help his sick mother, Gator Franks expects to grab a side job and make some quick cash to help pay her hospital bills. Unfortunately, he has to get past the ugliest cat he has ever seen, which happens to be attached to a little blonde with sparkling pink fingernails, a city-girl attitude, and a fixation on saving the barn he just contracted to tear down.

Slowly, using simple words, Avery explains to the uncouth mountain man—the one with the ferocious, tuba-player-eating dogs—that she can’t have a party in the barn if he bulldozes it first!

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Category: Holidays Romance


A Mate for the Christmas Dragon

by Zoe Chant

Dragon shifter Jasper Heartwell has five days to win his mate’s heart. If he doesn’t claim his mate before Christmas, he will lose either his dragon or human side forever.

Most wonderful time of the year? Abigail knows that’s a lie. She’s been burned before, and it’ll take more than mistletoe to convince her to open her heart again.

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Category: Paranormal Romance



by Eve Silver

Tatiana means to hunt down her tormentor, kill him, and destroy the plague he created. Nothing slows her down or distracts her from her mission. Until she encounters the mysterious Tristan who claims his goals match hers. Enemy or ally, she has no way to know…but she does know better than to trust a smart and sexy stranger who’s alpha to the core. “A relentless, action-driven plot with a tough-as-nails heroine…an edgy, adrenaline-boosting, sexy, and richly imaginative futuristic romance.” —Booklist

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Category: Science Fiction Romance


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