Cowboys and Aliens

by Demelza Carlton

When her boss saddles her with the task of planning a suitable celebration for the Colony’s one-year anniversary, Rana settles for an ancient American tradition: Thanksgiving. There’s just one problem…what’s a turkey, and where can she get one?
Byron fled Earth in the wake of tragedy. Now, he will do anything to protect his new farm in space – including fight aliens. No matter how attractive they might be.
Can a cowboy and an alien set aside their differences, celebrate Thanksgiving, AND find love?

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Category: Holidays Romance


Carlton: A Dark Irish Mafia Romance

by Janet Reyes

If You’re Looking for an Excitingly Dark Irish Mafia Romance that You Can’t Put Down, then Keep Reading!
There’s nothing quite as lucrative as leading a crime ring. At least that is the case for Carlton. His thugs collect bi-weekly payments from business owners in his area in exchange for keeping their properties safe. Win-win, right?

Well, not really. This protection was for two reasons: One, it keeps businesses safe from rival gangs. Two, it also means businesses are protected from being looted by Carlton’s own thugs. Whatever moral ground you stand on, you’d agree this never ends too well for the business owners. But as long as their businesses are safe, the bi-weekly fees are a price they’re willing to pay.

Indeed, business is going good for the young ring leader. Besides, Carlton likes to strike a balance by wielding his power over corrupt politicians. And once Carlton’s done dealing with them, they always learn their lesson. And if they don’t, they end up six feet under.

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Category: Erotic Romance


The Christmas Toy – A Holiday Reverse Harem Romance

by Krista Wolf

What do you give the three chiseled alphas who invite you to share their snowy mountain cabin for the holidays? Anything they want…

They’re the three hottest guys in the office. Gorgeous, hard-bodied loners who always spend the holidays together, traveling to exotic places for excitement and fun.

Only this year… they invited me.

When I took the place of Desmond’s ex-girlfriend on the guys’ annual trip, I didn’t expect much more than a fun time. But then I found Emma’s journal… and read all about the molten adventures she’d experienced with all three of them.

Now I want the same thing she got for Christmas.

From skiing at Stowe to the hot tub behind the cabin, things get so heated I can barely take it. And when a blindfolded kissing contest has me practically melting away in their arms… will I have the guts to ask for what I want?

Snowed into a cozy cabin for Christmas with three times the love, three times the attention. Three musclebound alphas and an unspeakably hot diary detailing all the incredible, butterfly-inducing things they’ve done before.

Do I dare tell the boys I’ve read Emma’s journal? That I want to be taken by them. That my deepest, darkest desire is to give myself over to them, mind, body and soul?

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Category: Holidays Romance


The Neighbor Who Stole Christmas

by Brie Wilds

Nicole’s plan was simple.

Storm the house and give him a piece of her mind.
His name was even befitting, Ebenezer
A modern-day Mr. Scrooge
The neighbor from hell!

But she wasn’t prepared for Ebenezer Steel Jr

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Category: Erotic Romance


The Tempting of a Devilish Lord

by Samantha Holt

One might not know it to look at her, but the uptight Lucinda was once quite the adventurer. So much so it very nearly landed her in a whole world of trouble.

She’s determined the same fate won’t befall her headstrong little sister. It might be a dull existence but at least it’s safe.

At least until she meets the Marquis of Kirbeck.

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Category: Historical Romance


Bayou Devils MC 4-8

by A.M. Myers

Inmate 606, and brother of the Bayou Devils MC, Noah LeBlanc only wants two things – his freedom and his girl.

In the sixth grade, he met Kady Sinclair, the girl of his dreams. She was smart as a whip and challenged him at every turn and Noah wasted no time in winning her heart. They were inseparable until the club got in the way. A jealous competitor, carelessness and his own ambition cost him everything.

Now, after being released from prison, he’s determined to rebuild his life and find the one girl who has always owned his heart. The problem is no one has heard a word from her in seven long years.

But that was before Noah joined the hunt.

$0.00 Previously $9.99

Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

Bayou Devils MC 1-4

by A.M. Myers

The Bayou Devils MC will bring you to your knees!

Logan “Storm” Chambers is no stranger to pain. Suffering through loss after loss has left him a shell of the man he used to be. He’s unable to move on but he’s learned to survive. As the VP of the Bayou Devils MC, he finds solace in the work they do to rescue people from dire situations and it’s enough to keep the lurking darkness at bay. Just barely.

After being cheated on by her ex, Alison James isn’t interested in dating. It’s more hassle than it’s worth as far as she’s concerned and she’d much rather focus on getting ahead in her career anyway. There’s less of a chance of getting hurt that way. But when her mysterious neighbor barges into her life, Alison finds it hard to stay away.

Alison brings a spark of light to Logan’s life and he will do whatever it takes to hang on to her, but there are some things that are just out of his hands. His past rears its ugly head, putting Alison in danger and thrusting Logan into a hell he thought he had escaped years ago.

Can Logan force himself to let Alison go if it will save her life? Or will she become just another loss he has to endure?

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