A Witch for Mr. Holiday (Witches of Christmas Grove Book 1)

by Deanna Chase

Welcome to Christmas Grove, where holiday magic is in the air.
When Rex Holiday walks into the charming town of Christmas Grove, all he plans to do is to spend the season helping out at his buddy’s Christmas tree farm. What he doesn’t expect is for an overzealous matchmaker to slip a love potion into his cider. Can a love spell rewrite the future?

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Category: Holidays Romance


Mr. Dalton’s Christmas

by Robert A. Valle

Edward Dalton’s life drastically changed on Christmas Eve nine years ago when he and his wife were struck by an out-of-control car. On that night, he lost his partner and his career. Since then, he’s led a solitary life. His job at Macy’s pays the bills, but he’s kept his distance from others, even the caring Maria Esperanza, a fellow department manager. However, when he grudgingly agrees to join his old friends at a ski lodge for Christmas, his life will change once again thanks to a magical encounter.

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Category: Holidays Romance


The ABCs of Dee

by Danielle Bannister

Would you date 26 men in a year for 50K?

Perpetually single 40-year-old Dee Harper decides to take up her rich bestie, Gail, on her dare: 50K to date 26 men, A-Z, in the course of one year. What could possibly go wrong?

A desperate for cash Dee begins her dating journey with Adam the Arrogant, then merges to Brian the Boring, to several letters that blur together in a whole slew of dating disasters that are burned on her brain like Eli the Energetic and Kevin the Klepto.

Join Dee as she navigates her way through the bottom of the barrel of what the male species has to offer, only to discover the cream of the crop in the most unlikely of places.

The ABCs of Dee is filled to the brim with heart and humor about the joys of dating ‘later in life,’ romance where you least expect it and the true meaning of friendship and sacrifice. Get ready for laughter, tears, and all the good feels.

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Category: Romantic Comedy


Secret Baby with Brother’s Best Friend

by Ava Gray

Not once… but twice.
I slept with him twice.
With the one man that I was supposed to stay away from.

Not only that…
I got pregnant the first time around and never told him.
My world is spinning.
How complicated could my life be?
Especially now that Chase is also my boss?

That’s not the only problem.
Chase is also my brother’s best friend.
And let me just say that my brother would be furious.
He would be furious if he found out who the father of my first child is.

But I couldn’t keep my distance from Chase.
Even if that meant getting pregnant again.
This time, it cannot remain a secret.
Chase is about to find out about everything.
Will that be the end of our story before it even begins?

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Big Bad Bodyguard

by Ali Parker

A Billionaire bourbon king needs a bodyguard, but the last thing he wants is me… a woman. He thinks he’s God’s gift to the world, but Mr. Big Bad is in for a world of hurt. I’m not interested in gifts. I’m here to do a job. Huff and puff all you like, handsome. This girl is guarding the one thing your family needs to carry on it’s line. Your smoking hot body.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


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