Dream Lover

by Dee Dawning

Every night for a week, Wilson dreams about Charli. Perfect in every way, Chari is Wilson’s Dream Girl, but she’s just too perfect to be real. Or…is it possible that this woman is not a figment of his imagination, but his live, flesh and blood soul mate waiting to be claimed.

Every night, CJ, dreams about a dream date with her dream lover, Mitch. With the face of an angel and the body of a god, he’s everything she ever wanted. But he’s only a dream. He couldn’t possibly be a real person, could he?
Then something magical happens. Mr. & Miss. Perfect meet when they’re teamed together on a special project.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Path of a Highlander

by Katy Baker

Sometimes what you need the most is found in the unlikeliest of places.

Sienna Campbell feels alone. Her work as a physiotherapist keeps her busy but it can’t fill the emptiness in her heart since she lost her grandfather, the only family she’s ever known.

But when a chance meeting with an eccentric old woman leads her to step through an archway and into fifteenth century Scotland, she realizes she had no idea how truly alone she could be. Captured by a ruthless warrior, Sienna is desperate to find a way home. But there is only one person who can help her—and he’s the very man who’s taken her captive.

Cian ‘Red’ Sutherland has a dark reputation. Rightly feared throughout the Highlands, he’s built a wall around his heart, keeping everyone out. So when a strange woman falls into his custody, he wants nothing to do with her beyond the ransom she is worth. But as Sienna and Cian are drawn closer, he begins to realize she may hold the key to the desperate mission he has kept secret— and also the key to unlocking his heart.

Sienna and Cian must learn to trust each other if they are to succeed. But are the walls they’ve built around themselves too strong to breach? Or will they find love in the most unlikeliest of places?

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Category: Time Travel Romance

Millionaire Best Friend

by Natasha L. Black

The only woman I’ve ever loved is back in my life.
She needs me and I won’t let her down.

But just when things seem perfect, secrets threaten to tear us apart.

Lucky for Maya, I’m not willing to give up on us so easily again.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

White House Affair

by Sarah J. Brooks

Billionaire Senator Matthew Storm is running for Presidency. People think he’s a “good boy” and an all-American kind of guy.
Yet there is a dark side about him that the public doesn’t know. I know those secrets. I’m his affair.
But when I understand Matthew’s real plan, it’s nearly too late. A plan that will not only be his, but also my downfall!

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Built to Last

by Chelle Pimblott

Kami’s spent the last few years getting her book shop up and running. When she needs some renovations done, she asks for recommendations, the overwhelming response is, Harvey Carpentry. So, when she sees the truck with the Harvey logo, she takes the chance and asks for a quote. The guy who turns around is James freaking Harvey and he still takes my breath away, just like he did in high school. Kami should have connected the Harvey name to James, but I didn’t even occur to her.

James is working hard to distance himself from my father’s reputation, but it hasn’t been easy. Even as men employ him to work in their homes, they warn him to keep his hands on the job and off their wives. Then Kami Parker walks up to his truck asking for a quote and James can’t believe his luck. Now that they’re adults maybe she can see that he’s a guy worth spending time with. Maybe even a lifetime?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

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