A Kiss and a Dare

by Charlene Raddon

A castle of dreams. A love that defies reason. And magic that will change the course of Fate…

For years, Garen McTaggert has longed to own a crumbling old castle. Now his wish is granted – if he can complete renovations in time and marry the demure Leeza Cantrell, heir to the estate.

Just as his future begins to look bright, Garen stumbles into an enchanted garden and falls into a deep slumber. When he awakens, he is no longer the man he was. An enchantress has cast a spell, entwining his fate with creatures of magic: a frog, a newt, a dragonfly, and the witch who holds his heart captive.

Garen is torn between the life he always wanted and the love he never knew was possible. To claim Leeza and his castle, he must break the spell – but to break the spell means losing the bewitching woman who has captured his soul.

In a place where magic whispers in every stone, Garen must follow his heart through a maze of mysteries that will force him to question whether love’s power can transcend reason. But with time running out, the cost of truth may be losing the only home – and the only woman – that were ever meant to be his.

A fantasy of longing and laughter, sorrow and delight, this re-imagined tale reminds us that in love and magic, nothing is ever quite as it seems…and happily-ever-after may just be the beginning of the story.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Chasing Her Trust

by Danielle Pays

When Lauren Harrow’s life is threatened, she’s forced to rely on a man she doesn’t trust.

Lauren needs protection. Was she part of a holiday prank or something more sinister? As luck would have it, Detective Nick Moore answers her call. She’ll take any other officer in his place. Dang small town. She might not want his support, but like it or not she needs him.

Don’t fall for the woman you are protecting. Nick’s mantra. From the moment he met Lauren, he knew she was different. Instead of falling for his charm, he was greeted with her middle finger when she flipped him the bird.

Then her ex shows up, she panics, and says Nick is her boyfriend. Word spreads fast in a small town. Now they have to convince everyone they are together.

Nick can do that. As far as he’s concerned, it’s game on princess.

With no obvious motives, everyone is a suspect, and he won’t rest until she’s safe.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

Stiletto Season

by LaShelle L. Turner

The holidays are once again a busy time for Pilar Webster. Her addiction to fabulous designer heels pales in comparison to her addiction to wreaking havoc every Christmas season. The seasons may change, but Pilar never does. This year, she must plan the annual Christmas/Birthday party of her new boss, PR legend Sheba Lowell, while trying to steal her boss’ much younger famous fiancé, filmmaker, Roman Foster.

Last year after almost ruining her best friend’s holiday nuptials by sleeping with the groom, Pilar was forced to leave Birmingham, Alabama in shame. Luckily, shoe connoisseur Pilar gets her dream PR job in a new city of Miami, but her old man-stealing ways come back as she tries to steal yet another very much engaged man. She schemes to gain her boss’ trust and plans to not only steal her man but to get a fabulous promotion.

But a ghost of Christmas past, her old partner in deceit and lover Lucius, turns up to ruin her well-heeled plans. Can Pilar turn from her old ways of causing Christmas mayhem with the help of a handsome angel in the flesh by the name of Tristan? Can his joyful spirit keep her from once again ending up on the naughty list?

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Category: Holidays Romance