Wilde Christmas

by K.M. Fawcett

Christmas is about to get Wilde in this suspenseful small-town holiday romance!

All Lacey Wilde wants for Christmas is to open her long-awaited bed and breakfast. When her only guest is a sexy stranger who claims her adopted Military Working Dog is his, Lacey isn’t about to lose her fur baby—or her heart—to charming Marine veteran Dean Hunter.

But the K-9 controversy is the least of their troubles. Danger lurks in the shadows of Candlelight Inn, and someone will stop at nothing to steal Lacey’s heirloom ornaments. Can wounded warrior Dean protect the woman he’s falling for against a deadly threat before this Christmas ends up being their last?

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Category: Holidays Romance

Dark Moon Secrets

by Lilliana Rose

Tanjie is a witch but doesn’t know it. Will she accept her power for good or evil?

Tanjie is pushed to face her destiny by an unexpected inheritance. The bookshop isn’t what she anticipated and is part of a magical world she doesn’t belong to. Tanjie can’t wait to leave, get back to her own life, but then she is shown what her magical powers can do.

Alaric detests the witches and their control over the pack as much as every other wolf shifter. The alpha is planning a rebellion and Alaric will help lead the attack on the witches. But then he meets Tanjie.

Secrets are being hidden from them both.

Tanjie must learn quickly otherwise her mistakes will cost her life. If Alaric isn’t clear what side he is on, he risks losing the pack forever.

Who will pay the consequences of their ignorance?

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Black Fox One: A Gripping WW2 Story of Love, Resistance, and Courage

by Elyse Hoffman

When Jonas Amsel’s fiancée goes missing, he devotes himself to Adolf Hitler. Serving in the SS hunting down the resistance, he hopes that one day he will find out what happened to the love of his life. Admired by Gestapo Chief Reinhard Heydrich, Jonas is given an assignment to hunt down an infamous resistance fighter known only as Black Fox One. Jonas follows orders, but while tracking down Black Fox One, he makes a discovery that will make him question everything he kills for…and put him on a crash course with Hitler’s Hangman.

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Category: Historical Romance

Under the Dogwood Tree

by Kari Wirth

Ronnie Callahan’s rise to police chief is her ultimate achievement. Nothing or no one will ruin that, especially her handsome, down-to-earth ex-husband, Officer Tony Lombardo.

She can handle working side-by-side with him. Outside of the station is a different story. Tony certainly isn’t making it easy on Ronnie with holiday invitations to his parents’ house and spending the night at her apartment. Through a series of unexpected encounters, Ronnie and Tony are forced to come to terms with the tragedy that tore them apart.

Just as healing begins after a decade of pain, guilt, and regret, a new man swoops into Ronnie’s life. Dr. Aidan Foster is everything Tony isn’t: sophisticated, educated, and wealthy. That’s only the beginning. Lurking in the shadows, a stalker’s plot for revenge puts Tony and Ronnie in imminent danger that could change their lives forever.

$0.99 Previously $5.99

Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance