The Hunter (The Hidden Order of Magic: Shaken Book 1)

by June Leung

As a paranormal investigator with magic, Lia faces the most dangerous monsters that threatened her city.

When the monsters were unleashed in the city, it is Lia and her team’s job to defeat them before more innocents are killed. From finding out where the monsters came from to defeating them, each step will take more from her.

Except, Lia and her team aren’t the only ones planning an attack, the monsters aren’t backing down either. But as she fights each creature, her powers are challenged, and her friends are left at risk while innocents turn up dead.

One man offers his help, but he has his own secret…one that could set her world aflame. Not to mention, the help isn’t free, and Lia’s not sure she’s ready to pay the asking price.

Who is the hunter? Who is the prey? Time will tell…

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Category: Paranormal Romance


Happy Holidays Starter Pack

by Jessa Joy

Welcome to Snowflake Falls!

It’s a special place, where it’s usually a holiday of some kind; the snow is deep, the men are HOT and steamy romance is waiting around every corner. Each story is standalone, but keep an eye out for recurring characters and families in every one. Grab your favourite drink or snuggle up under the covers and get ready for the delicious men in these six stories to turn up the heat!

1. Christmas with the Guy Next Door
2. Trapped with the Guy Next Door
3. New Year with the Guy Next Door
4. Valentine’s Day with the Guy Next Door
5. Fourth of July with the Guy Next Door
6. Vacation Nanny for the Billionaire Next Door

Plus two bonus epilogues only available in this boxset!

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Category: Collections & Anthologies Romance


Marry Me For Money

by Ali Parker

I need a wife to get my inheritance my billionaire father left me. And I’m running out of time. So I propose to her after our first date. She’s single, gorgeous, and funny. Luck is on my side. But I like her more and more each time we meet, and offering her a ring isn’t for my dad’s money—it’s because I want her more than anything else in the world

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Their Mountain Captive

by Kayla Wren

I was injured. Desperate. But I broke into the wrong cabin.

Then two mountain men took me captive.

I can’t make sense of them. Not the calm man with gentle hands, nor his hot-tempered friend. They joke with me one moment, then tie me up and question me the next. And all the while, they seem… on edge.

Because we’re not alone on the mountain. And the man they thought sent me—he’s still out there. Hunting them.

Hunting us.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance


Shattered Love

by Bianca Borell

Two heirs, one life-changing event, an epic love story.
Bria du Mont and Damien du Sky have been in love for as long as they can remember.

Until one event changed everything.

Seven years later, Bria and Damien’s past still haunts them.

Forced into working together at their combined family’s multibillion-dollar company, they realize they have never truly let go.

When they begin to unravel the truth behind the events that led to their break-up, they uncover a betrayal that will threaten everything they thought they knew and turn their world upside down.

Torn apart by deception, will their love find a way to reunite them?

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Native Gold

by Glynnis Campbell

Free-spirited artist Mattie Hardwicke flees New York society to be a mail order bride in Gold Rush California. But her dreams of starting over are crushed when her husband-to-be is killed by one of the local tribe of Konkows, to whom the invading whites are a threat. Tribal custom, however, requires the Konkows look after the victim’s widow. Sakote, the fierce native who appoints himself her guardian, is soon enchanted by the beautiful artist, who has not only captured his world in her drawings, but also his heart. Together they must fight for a forbidden love more precious than gold.

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Category: Historical Romance


Saving Her Target

by Danielle Pays

If your true identity would cause you to lose the woman you love, would you tell her?

Zach Brannigan escaped his crime family years ago. Now, as owner of a small-town pub, he’s living life with the freedom he once craved. Life is simple until he’s mistaken for another criminal and tackled.

Tackling mountain men is all in a day’s work for this special agent, but this time Jessie Doyle has the wrong perp. While she can’t find the one running from the law, she keeps running into the wrong one and he’s getting under her skin.

Zach’s family finds him, and they make it clear they won’t let him go again. This lands him right in the middle of an FBI sting. Led by Jessie. And here he thought it was his charm that led her to his small town.

He’s fallen for his Macushla, his darling. But if Jessie learns who he really is, it’s over.

He escaped his family once. Can he do it again?

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance


Doctor Lucky Charms

by K.C. Crowne

This holiday season, there’s more than gingerbread in the oven.

I met the hottest man ever…
Then proceeded to tell him to shove his money up his Irish rear.

It wasn’t like I’d run into him ever again.
Not like I’d see him while visiting my OBGYN.
Wearing a thin paper gown on an exam table.

That’s exactly what happened!!
The Irish guy I told to go to hell is my OBGYN. FML!!

The humiliation doesn’t stop there.
Dr. Lucky Charms is apparently famous.
Him and his siblings are the stars of a reality TV series.
And every woman in Ireland is obsessed.

I came to a foreign country to start something new.
Now I’m convinced I’ve thrown my entire life down the drain.

Couple all that with a positive pregnancy test…
And I’m headed for the craziest holiday season ever!!

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Category: Contemporary Romance


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