Third Daughter (Royals of Dharia 1)

by Susan Kaye Quinn

Aniri is the Third Daughter of the Queen—zero royal duties. Then a barbarian prince proposes. If she refuses, the country may plunge into war. When she discovers the prince has his own secrets, saving her country may end up breaking her heart.

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance

Admit You Miss Me

by Ajme Williams

Most girls would kill to carry his baby.
Charles Hampton… the billionaire heartthrob that I had to dump seven years ago.

My plan, right before I ran away from him, was pretty simple.

Get over the rich dude and his snooty family that would never accept me.
Care for my mother who was diagnosed with terminal illness.
Forget that anything had changed.

But no, life threw a curveball and the only way around it was to be a surrogate for Charles.
The man that I’d fallen for seven years ago.
The man that I’d tried to forget ever since.

He offered me a million bucks to carry his baby.
The same money that I’d use for my mother’s treatment.
I didn’t really have much of a choice in the matter.

His only catch?
I’d have to live with him until the baby is born.
My only wish?
We couldn’t fall in love again.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Dead Souls MC Collection

by Savannah Rylan

From best selling Motorcycle Romance writer Savannah Rylan, The Dead Souls Complete Collection. Ten full length romances packed with feisty women, and the men who lust after them.
These bikers will do anything to keep their lovers safe.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

The Italian Obsession

by N.J. Adel

She’s too young. Jailbait young.
Her innocence and purity don’t belong in my world.
I killed her father.
None of it matters. Angelina Baldi is the bane of my existence and my absolute obsession.
She belongs to me. She’s safe only with me.
But her wedding bells are ringing, and I’m not the man waiting at the altar.
I’ve killed for her before. I’d do it again.
Except that her groom is the only man on earth I can’t kill.
My own blood.

The Italian Obsession is a stalker forbidden obsessive jealous possessive DARK DARK DISTURBING Mafia romance Standalone. Do NOT read if you’re not a fan of dark romance.
All the books in The Italians series can be read in any order.
One-Click now. Because you have to.

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Category: Erotic Romance

In Ruins: A Black Falls High Novel

by K.G. Reuss

He was my best friend before he was my enemy.

I’m a nobody at Black Falls High.

When the school’s mean queen forces me to my knees in front of the student body, everything changes.

Now, I’m back on my former best friend’s radar.

And this time, he has his new crew and “no” isn’t part of their vocabulary.

When a night out puts me in a compromising position, I’m at their mercy. If they don’t keep my secret, it could destroy more than my friendship.

They own me.

And my former best friend is making it his mission to ruin me.

But not if I ruin them first.

In Ruins is a #whychoose romance with four hot-as-fire guys. Due to dark content, this book is recommended for eighteen and older.

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Category: New Adult & College Romance

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