Shopping for a Turkey

by Julia Kent

Shopping for a Turkey features Scottish football player Hamish McCormick and Amy Jacoby as they navigate unusual cultural norms around American Thanksgiving, new traditions, and the undeniable attraction between these two characters who have been featured as minor players in Julia Kent’s New York Times bestselling Shopping series. It’s their turn to pull the wishbone.

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Category: Holidays Romance

Dark Angel

by Stefanie Dawn

When I fell, that was it.
Letting the anger consume me, I could only hope it would suffocate and eventually kill the pain that lived underneath my skin. I did whatever I wanted without boundaries or second-guessing.
When I saw someone I wanted, I took them.
And Cara, I wanted her.
She looks at me as though she’s hoping to find some kindness behind my dark eyes. She won’t.
There’s nothing good left in me.
I was an angel, and now I’m one of the fallen.
This isn’t a love story.
I don’t have it in me to love.
Not anymore.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

The Rough Ride

by Nonna Henry

They’ve both got secrets…and a mutual enemy.
Tall, hard-bodied security professional Nick Flannery came home from active duty ready to start a new life with the military analyst who owns his heart. But Liz is distant these days. She’s avoiding him and he’s pushing to find out why. Because the fresh start he wants? It’s nothing without her.
Liz Nelson returned from Iraq with a prosthetic and a secret baby. Her new normal is within reach, but that second chance with the sergeant she adores? It won’t happen if he learns the truth.
The Rough Ride is a sexy, wounded warrior, romantic suspense featuring two soldiers who sizzle their way to happiness.
They fought for their country. Now they’ll fight for each other.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

Under The Radar

by Nonna Henry

No one is who they appear to be. Not even the enemy.
Baltimore social worker Mo Reardon is dreaming of a margarita, a manicure, and a beach vacation. And it wouldn’t hurt to understand why the most sizzling man she ever met ghosted after her best friend’s wedding. But one phone call to the police changes everything. She’s running for her life.
Commander Mac Mackenzie is a discriminating hunk of hotness. His arms have held rifles and women from around the globe. But the woman who locked and loaded his heart over a pool table isn’t interested anymore. That is—until their lives collide under unusual circumstances. As their romance heats up, an enemy lurking in the shadows plans to eliminate them. The men and women of Sanctuary, Inc. have one chance for a rescue. Let the fireworks begin! Romantic suspense with a splash of fun!

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A Wife For The Blacksmith

by Viola Grey

Gerald, the silent, grouchy Blacksmith, never imagined he would have a chance to win a wife. But, when his secret obsession is put on the auction block in the village market, he knows he will pay any cost to have her… He might be more brawn and muscle than brains, but now that Grace is his, Gerald intends to show her just how a real man should treat his woman. Preferably by filling her all night long, over and over again… until she has no doubt she is the queen of his heart.

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Category: Erotic Romance