Gems of Love Sweet Romance Boxset: Five Clean and Wholesome Love Stories

by Agnes Canestri

Fireman? Single Dad? Billionaire? Handsome Boss? Private detective? This sweet romance collection has got it all and more. Five full-length, swoon-worthy reads that will leave you turning pages and warm your heart with their happily-ever-afters.

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance


Ruff House

by Mellie Callahan

A former Marine and young widowed therapist are enemies turned lovers in this small town country romance.

A journal brought him to Tradition. She was the reason he stayed.

Therapist Katie Mitchell’s dream to buy the property she’s leasing is finally within her reach. After losing her husband and high school sweetheart, the safe haven she intends to build will honor his memory – and ease the guilt she’s felt for years – in their hometown of Tradition, Texas. With funds in hand, the expansion of her animal-centered non-profit seems like a sure thing until a sexy stranger steps foot on her land, right in the way of her plans – and her life in a way that she isn’t ready for.

Former Marine businessman Troy Montgomery is searching for an answer to the question left by his brother’s journal when he finds the perfect property for his foundation’s equine retreat. He wants it instantly – just like he wants the feisty woman who lives there. She speaks to the damaged cowboy beneath his polished exterior. But the more he pursues, the more he realizes she might hold the key to answers he doesn’t want – and a change he may not be ready to make.

This means war. Or cohabitation. Or maybe healing for them both.

If you like heat, humor, and love that heals, you’ll love this small town romance trilogy from Mellie Callahan.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Heartless Hero

by Mary Catherine Gebhard

“This is and will be, my favorite bully book of all time.” International Bestselling Author C.L. Matthews

Enter the decadent and sinful Crowne world with the best selling debut, Heartless Hero. There are rules to being Abigail Crowne’s bodyguard, rules to watching the infamous billion-dollar heiress, otherwise known as the Reject Princess. Love is off limits with Abigail Crowne, but no one said anything about hate.

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Category: New Adult & College Romance

Stolen Soulmate

by Mary Catherine Gebhard

“My top read in the last year. This book is why I fell in love with reading.” USA Today Bestselling Author Meagan Brandy

There’s a rule in Crowne Hall: never look a Crowne in the eyes. It protects us more than them. I broke it once, the night Grayson Crowne mistook me for his true love and stole my first kiss. I’ve regretted it every day since. He hates me. He torments me. He won’t let me go, because that night he whispered a secret against my lips not meant for me

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Tell Me No Lies

by C. Morgan

It was supposed to be one night in Vegas. But it never works out that way, does it? Love has a backseat, and I intended to keep it that way. My main focus in life is my little girl. And then the most beautiful girl I’ve ever laid eyes on shows up, and she’s out for the same thing I am—a good time.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Code Black

by Tina Moss

Gossip mag reporter Sera Benenati knows a thing or two about unearthing secrets…and burying them.

As an unregistered supernatural, her freedom depends on keeping her fire-wielding abilities contained.

Yet the threat of a little flame isn’t enough to snuff out her journalistic pursuits. She’s determined to claw her way to the top and land a spot with a real paper.

When she tracks a lead on a string of gruesome paranormal murders to the small town of Buckhorn, Arizona, she’s certain she’s landed the perfect scoop. But as the crime scene reveals victims with bite marks, torn flesh, and battered bodies, Sera may have smoked out more than she can burn.

As the investigation grows hot and Sera winds up in the crosshairs, she’ll need the help of a sexy shifter, special agent Talon Rede, to unmask the murderers before she becomes the next victim.

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Category: Paranormal Romance


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