Lily Harper Boxed Set

by HP Mallory

This box set includes the first 3 books in the bestselling Lily Harper Series

Join Lily Harper as she becomes a soul retriever who’s forced into the bowels of the Underground City. Luckily for her, she has hot-but-grumpy, 2000 year old Druid, Tallis Black, by her side. Unluckily for her, she also has her alcoholic, womanizing, and useless guardian angel, Bill, along for the ride too.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Hazy Love

by Hannah Smith

Find out what happens when a heartbroken, Australian woman, stumbles headfirst into a mysterious man who might just turn her world upside down.

No more men. No more partying. No more risks.

From today, Hazel Jones is a hardworking, focused woman dedicated to a job she hates, true crime documentaries and pizza nights with her bestie.

So, the last thing she needs is to crash head-first into Patrick Healey. He oozes sex appeal and sarcasm in equal measures and is almost enough for her to forget her last soul-destroying break up. Almost.

Hazel knows she should stay away from the distracting man who’s hiding something, but she can’t deny the chemistry simmering between them. It doesn’t take long for her to let Patrick in, even though his life is eerily similar to her favourite crime series.

Patrick pushes Hazel to confront her fears but won’t reveal his own. As tension builds and secrets unravel, Hazel starts to uncover the truth about the mysterious man she’s falling for.

But will she like what she finds?

Here’s what you can expect from Hazy Love:
– Slow-burn romantic suspense
– Strong female characters who love true crime
– Enemies to lovers (kind of)
– Humour, some steam, and a sexy male antagonist who’s great at throwing scowls and wearing a suit.

Please note: This book contains references to sensitive topics such as anxiety, depression, infidelity, sexual assault, drug use and death. It also contains profanity and sex scenes and is intended for audiences 18 years or older.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance


by Gemma James

I was fifteen when I sent the love of my life to prison for a crime he didn’t commit. Back then Rafe was my brother’s best friend and off-limits, but that didn’t stop me from drooling over him. I’ve never forgotten the guy whose green eyes made me weak in the knees. Rafe hasn’t forgotten me either. Eight years later, I find him on my doorstep with revenge on the mind.

The twisted part of this story? I still want him, even though he’s taken me to a private island with no chance for escape. He says I’ve got eight years of misery to atone for, and every move he makes is designed to shame and punish.

But I’m wired for his methods, and instead of delivering retribution, his brutal touch lights us both on fire.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance


by Susan Renee

One night. No names. No rules. Just fun.
I considered it revenge against my ex-boyfriend and it was hands down the most physical and best night of my life. But when my one-night-stand shows up where I work, I panic.
I mean seriously, of all the people in Seattle, what are the odds? I’m not looking for love.
Our one-night of fun was my attempt to escape it, but Chett Hayes has other plans.
He makes me a deal my friends won’t let me refuse.

Four blind-dates – each one followed by a date with him. Choose Chett in the end and win my happily ever after, or don’t and continue my happy single life, never seeing Chett again.

Rules are set. Lines are drawn, but when those lines are crossed, the playing field becomes blurry.
Chett is adamant this is a deal he can’t lose.
And I’m terrified he might win.

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Category: Romantic Comedy

You Deserve a Spanking – 50 BDSM Erotica Stories: Explicit BDSM for Adults

by Alexandra Noir

Let’s push the envelope!

Are you ready for some heat? Inside are 50 explicit stories with bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, and so much more.

These stories include paranormal erotica, stories of women aggressively seeking submissive pleasures, stories of women taking control, couples experimenting together, a police woman learning to let go, and so much more!

This is a collection of Alexandra Noir’s published BDSM stories. You can get over 1,000 pages of erotic stories in this one download!

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Category: Erotica

Taken by the Orc King

by Bianca Faye

SHE IS MINE. When I saw her in danger at the hands of those sadistic dark elves, I had to fight. Even though the peace treaty between our races already hangs by a thread. What else was I to do, let them take her? To hell with the consequences!

How can this strange, gorgeous creature from another world hold such power over me? This human woman named Kate. I am an orc king! A powerful warrior with command over so many. Now all I want is to hold her. To take care of her. To do anything in my power to make her MY MATE.

Taken by the Orc King is the first book in a MONSTER romance series set in a fantasy world full of fairytale wonder, savage danger, and courtroom treachery. Oh, and don’t forget the heavy STEAM that oozes from the pages. This is a feel-good romance that will leave you begging for more. You will get a happily-ever-after and no cliffhanger ending. So, what are you waiting for?

Read it now and get TAKEN BY THE ORC KING!

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Category: Fantasy Romance