Royally Crushed

by Melanie Summers

Princess Arabella has craved adventure her entire life, so when the opportunity to sneak away to film a nature documentary comes up, she takes it. What she doesn’t bargain for is being stuck out in the jungle alone with her ruggedly handsome co-host. Can these opposites find forever in each other’s arms, or will their differences be their undoing?

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Category: Romantic Comedy

Maid For Majesty: Forbidden Fruit

by A.J. Phoenix

As a royal servant, Madeline serves the rakish King Alexander. When scandalous passion flares between them, will they set the monarchy on fire? A scorching historical romance!

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Category: Erotic Romance

Garnish with a Candy Cane: A Christmas Novella

by Nikki Belaire

Deals made when you’re drunk don’t count, right?

Wrong. At least according to mob boss Duke Toscani. Our alcohol-induced agreement is simple – He’s mine and I’m his.

What he doesn’t realize though is I’m a package deal. My grandmother took care of me when I was orphaned, and now it’s my turn to take care of her. Even if I have to work three jobs and skip a few meals and good nights’ sleep to do it. She may believe in Christmas miracles, but I’ll need a lot more than Santa’s elves to save me from the man on the very top of the naughty list.

Author’s note: Garnish with a Candy Cane is fun, funny, and completely safe, if not totally sane standalone novella. Celebrate the holiday season with a guaranteed happily ever after romance.

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Category: Holidays Romance

The Boys Who Loved Me – A Reverse Harem Romance

by Krista Wolf

A lifelong friendship that became a rivalry. Three gorgeous specters of my past, hellbent on winning me back. Who knew coming home could be so deliciously complicated?

When the funeral of a childhood friend brings Kayla back to North Glade, she’s forced to face the very reasons she left. And when three sizzling exes reveal they still harbor feelings for her? The men come up with a very unique way of determining who gets their shot.

There’s Warren… her first in every way. Whiskey brown eyes. A lady-killing smile and a roguishly handsome face, set upon shoulders to die for.

Then there’s Luke, tall, blonde and perfect. Warren’s best friend… at least up until he and Kayla shared that smoldering hot summer together, just after their breakup.

Finally there’s Adrian, the brooding tattooed god. Thick black hair with mountains of muscle; a friend with benefits so raw and savage Kayla could never hope to resist – nor would she ever want to.

Choosing between them becomes an impossibility… until a very unorthodox solution presents itself. One that leaves Kayla breathless and filled with butterflies, while fulfilling every last one of her far-flung fantasies.

But North Glade still harbors its own share of mysteries, as outside forces begin aligning against their tight-knit little group. Will Kayla stay long enough for one of her suitors to win her heart? Or will a more unconventional arrangement present itself… one where she gets to eat her cake and have it too?

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Category: Erotic Romance

Kissing an Alaskan Man

by Evangeline Kelly

Fifteen years ago, Amelia chose to run her parents’ bed-and-breakfast instead of marrying Brock, and she always regretted that decision. She’d chosen duty over love, and it left her in a lonely position. When she runs into Brock on an Alaska cruise, she’s offered another chance at love, but fearing he doesn’t feel the same way about her anymore, she is hesitant to take a risk, fearing it will lead to a broken heart.

Brock is a professor contracted to give lectures on the cruise ship over the summer. He never gotten over his college love, Amelia, and when he sees her again, he wants to rekindle that flame. But between Amelia keeping him at an arm’s distance and an ex-girlfriend who is determined to sabotage everything, he has his work cut out for him.

Will they go their separate ways at the end of the trip, or will he be able to convince Amelia that love is worth the risk?

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance

Behind Closed Doors

by Rachael Reilly

Middle school librarian and aspiring writer Julia Morgan’s last relationship ended months ago. Once labeled as “boring in the bedroom,” she visits Behind Closed Doors, an adult toy store, hoping to spice up her sex life. The aisles of erotic products aren’t nearly as hot as the store’s sexy owner, but is she brave enough to let a virtual stranger coax her out of her sexual shell?

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Category: Erotic Romance

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