Sexy Shorts: Collection of sweet, filthy, red-hot short stories

by Kathryn Nolan

Warning: This is a collection of insta-lust, off-the-charts hotness, and swoon-worthy declarations of need. In other words, I think you’re going to love these short stories!

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Category: Erotic Romance


Price of Past Sins

by LaShelle L. Turner

How do we let go of the past when we haven’t paid for the sins we committed back then? This is what Patrick and Tracey Mitchell had to ask themselves. A tale of redemption where the past keeps coming back to haunt the people of Atlanta.
Tracey Mitchell spent her life trying to live a life of luxury. A woman with a beautiful body and an equally beautiful face used them both to get what she wanted but never got to keep any of it. She had it all once, but it was taken away. Now all she devises a plan to secure her future by using the true paternity of her young son as her lottery ticket out of a life of poverty. But will it backfire and destroy her already tattered life?
Fresh out of prison, Patrick ‘Po Boy’ Mitchell seeks forgiveness for his drug dealing past. He left his sister, his girlfriend, and his daughter to deal with the fall out. Now released early from prison, he sets out to make this right. Can he fix the lives of the loved ones he destroyed? Can he forgive himself?
Elaine thought she had it all, an upcoming fabulous wedding to a handsome fiancé and the pending purchase of a dream house in the most sought-after suburb in metro Atlanta. Then she lost it all. After her fiancé unceremoniously dumps her, Elaine throws herself into her work. But an unlikely attraction pulls her back into the love game.

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Category: African American Romance


Just One Kiss

by J. Saman

The heart wants what it wants and mine has never stopped wanting her.

London Canterbury and I were never meant to be.
Her family was rich. She was cheer captain. The most popular girl in our school while I was the opposite. Poor, nerdy, and invisible.
Eight years ago, I kissed the hell out of her, knowing I was never going to see her again.
Or so I thought.
Because here I am, rescuing none other than London who crashed her car into a tree in the middle of a blizzard.
Right before Christmas.
Now she’s stuck in my house. In my head. Back in my heart before I ever have a chance to stop it.
As the storm intensifies outside so does the fire between us.
Despite all that, I know this is too good to last. That eventually the storm will end and she’ll leave.
But losing her is no longer an option.
I’m hoping that sometimes all it takes to fall in love is just one kiss…

JUST ONE KISS is a funny and steamy, second chance, snowed in, holiday romance that will make you swoon! It’s a complete standalone.

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Category: Holidays Romance


Love is What You Bake of it

by Effie Kammenou

Kally never believed herself a person worthy of love, but when an intoxicating man she considered out of her league pursues her, she risks everything to be with him. Later, when tragedy strikes, truths are revealed that leave Kally brokenhearted & untrusting.

8 years later, Kally is a successful pastry chef running the café she’d always dreamed of. With a home of her own, a profession she’s passionate about, & the support & love of friends and family, Kally is content with the life she has carved out for herself.

Until the day Max walks into her café…

With arguing parents, meddling relatives, an overly energetic grandmother, a man-crazy best friend, & the long ago, mysterious disappearance of a grandfather, this new man in town is just one more complication in Kally’s life, if not the main one.

Kally must now decide whether to keep her heart safe or to once again take a ‘whisk on love.’

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Desperate For You

by Weston Parker

You can’t make these things up… Hollywood stole my book to make a movie. To top it all off, I’m falling for a smirking, self-entitled jerk. Ugh. Him of ALL people. There has to be more than meets the eye. And the eye is very happy. This single-father lawyer is willing to save my career and what does he want in return? Me. Nothing much, right? I find myself desperate for him.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


In Hate With My Boss

by Lexi Calder

There are three things I know about Owen Bennett:

He’s worth billions.
He’s smoking hot.
He’s a total asshole.

Oh, and he’s my new boss. Which, I guess is technically four things. But who’s counting? Not Owen. Because all he can do is stare at my chest and make rude comments. He’s unprofessional, lazy, and the single most infuriatingly sexy man I’ve ever met in my life. That’s a thing, right? Hating him and wanting to end up in his bed all at the same time? Which can not happen. He’s my boss for one. And two, I hate him, did I say that already?

Either way, I’ve got 90 days to impress him enough to keep my job or find something new. The problem is, that I’m not great at keeping my mouth shut. And also, I think my libido might be stronger than my willpower.

Send help. And chocolate. And please for the love of everything talk me out of going home with my boss.

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Category: Romantic Comedy


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