Reluctant Billionaire

by Deborah Garland

He needs a wife to get his billion-dollar inheritance. She needs money to buy her design firm back. After a scorching one-night stand Mikhail makes Jolie an offer she can’t refuse. Marry him. Collect the money. Go their separate ways. Until faking it feels too good to stop. But love wasn’t part of the plan. And neither were those two pink lines…

Now a 2020 NJ Golden Leaf Finalist for Best Romance!

Welcome to Gotham!
Start this new billionaire series with this steamy Fake Fiancé Romance.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

The Naughty List

by L. A. Kelley

This isn’t a typical yuletide tale.

Murder, mystical artifacts, invisible demons with anger management issues, and overbearing cupids weren’t part of Rosalie’s Christmas plans. Then she meets a real E.L.F. (Elemental Life Form) named David and gets lassoed into a desperate hunt for the stolen Naughty and Nice List. Now all Rosalie and David must do is dodge a murderous invisible demon and recover the missing artifact before hellhounds track them down. The couple race against time for without the magical guidance of the Naughty and Nice List, the world will tumble toward eternal chaos.

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Category: Holidays Romance

RISE OF THE ILIRI Volumes 4-6: A Reverse Harem Epic Fantasy Series

by Auryn Hadley

Auryn Hadley overlays a compelling sci-fi action fantasy with an emotionally charged reverse harem romance, setting the heart-warming experience of everyday community against the heart-wrenching reality of war—and the loss it causes. The Terran emperor’s war to eliminate the iliri progresses, and Salryc Luxx has risen from army private to assassin to queen of all iliri. But the unthinkable has happened within her pack, and she must rise above unimaginable grief to lead the liberation of her people.

$0.00 Previously $6.99

Category: Fantasy Romance

Alien Seed: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance

by Ivy Sparks

They won’t release me until I breed with the alien beast…

After crashing onto a desert planet filled with alien savages, I find myself struggling to survive. My sister relies on me for her medicine, so I must get back to her.

Problem is, a lone alien with an intense stare and brands on his chest has been stalking me from afar. When he finally approaches me, I’m surprised to learn he wants to help.

But just as I’m given this lifeline, we’re both captured by a savage tribe. They want him to take me by force, to prove to everyone that he’s the vicious beast they say he is.

Either he claims me, or all the warriors of the tribe will. We both have the same priority – survival. But will I make it out of this trial the same person?

Or will our mating transform me entirely, inside and out?

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Category: Science Fiction Romance

Molly’s Misadventures

by D.E. Haggerty

Cheating husband? Check! Best friend who knows no boundaries? Check! Hot single dad next door? Now, we’re talking.

My girlfriend decides she has the perfect answer to all my problems – internet dating. She could have warned me before my first date showed up at the door! Note to self: Never let my bestie near my computer again.

Okay, fine. I’ll go on some stupid dates to shut the woman up. I’m sure dating for the first time in my thirties will be tons of fun and not embarrassing at all. Yeah right.

What I really want to do is jump my next-door neighbor Danny, the boy I’ve been crushing on since I was a dorky, braces-wearing, nose-buried-in-a-book teenager. He is definitely not a boy anymore. Oh no, he is one fine man. And I do mean F-I-N-E fine. He’s also a single dad to an adorable little girl. Challenge accepted.

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Category: Romantic Comedy

My Stolen Life

by Steffanie Holmes

They think they can ruin me, wreck it all, but I won’t let them.

I’m just a poor little rich girl with the stolen life.
I’m here to tear down three princes,
before they destroy me.

The Ice Queen of Stonehurst Prep is back.

A brand new dark contemporary reverse harem high school romance from USA Today bestselling author Steffanie Holmes.

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Category: New Adult & College Romance

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