Bitten and Smitten

by Michelle Rowen

“A bloody hysterical paranormal mystery.” (Victoria Laurie): My name is Sarah Dearly. Welcome to my week from hell. My fanged blind date made me a vampire against my will. Now I’m being chased by hunters with pointy sticks while trying to keep my master vampire mentor from offing himself before we find the traitor in our midst getting us killed in droves. “Rowen hits the nail (or is it the stake?) on the head with her feisty debut novel…a true modern girl’s guide to (vampire) life.”—Publishers Weekly

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance


Let’s Get Naughty

by Ashley Zakrzewski and Other Authors

If you think it’s too soon to get on Santa’s naughty list…think again.

Cancel your plans and spend this holiday season with 26 romance authors who have teamed up to bring you a delicious holiday treat.

This collection will have it all: fake relationships, second chances, enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, workplace romance, age gap, CEO’s, bikers, and falling for the best friend’s brother.

Each of the authors will have an unforgettable, steamy story. So come on over, grab a blanket, and get started on finding your next favorite author today.

Let’s Get Naughty is the perfect anthology for you to binge this holiday season.

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Category: Holidays Romance



by Cassandra Featherstone

“Forgive me.”

Those were Professor Arnaud’s final words before I sliced through his neck. His was the first head I took, but it wouldn’t be the last.

Severing my connections to l’Academie d’Invisibles was harder, but eventually, I escaped and built a reputation of my own.

Infamy suits me, and the harsh lessons of my childhood have served me well. I’m untouchable, undetectable, and untraceable. My targets are dead from the moment my name is whispered.

I am the guillotine, and I work alone.

That is, until five criminals from my past reappear like unwanted phantoms, and I’m forced to choose between my targets and my vengeance.

Either way, heads will roll.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


A Naked Beauty

by Leigh Carron

Rekindling their love was only the start.
Now they’ll have to fight like hell to keep it.


Mick is my fiercest protector. He will stop at nothing to slay my insecurities and safeguard me from his fame and the sharp edges of his past.

But he refuses to face his own demons.

Instead, he shields me from the ugliness when all I see is the beauty in him.

Proving I will walk through his darkness tests me in ways I never imagined. It exposes our relationship and my hard-won progress to overzealous paparazzi, the scrutiny of social media, and worse—vindictive enemies that lurk in the shadows.

Now we must face our greatest battle. To fight like hell for each other or let those who want to come between us tear us apart. This time…for good.

A Naked Beauty is the riveting conclusion to Fat Girl but was also written to be read as a stand-alone.

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Category: Erotic Romance


Make Her Bleed

by Zepphora

I trusted Malakai Harris all my life. I never thought he would stab me in the back the way he did.

Kai has taken everything from me. My freedom, my friends, my father. The only thing left for him to take is my sanity, but I won’t hand it over. My only saving grace is his posse, those he has scared into following him.

Dax Porter
Nico Mendez
Rowe Kade
Knox Ward

They care about me, but they know they can’t save me from Kai. How long can I keep myself and them alive?

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Category: Erotic Romance