Montana Inspired

by Kim Law

Jewel Jackson has pined for Bobby Brandon for years. Meanwhile, Bobby has been perfectly content with his “soulmate.” But when he comes home to help with the family business—showing up, no longer having a fiancée—he’s suddenly looking at Jewel in a whole new light. Is it finally the right time, right place for these two longtime friends?

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Uncovering Love

by J.J. Sorel

A new life. A handsome but damaged billionaire. The price? Deception

At forty, Scarlet Black had made more mistakes than she could count. Her bad boy had turned into a madman who would stop at nothing to find her.

Her acting agent offers her the escape she needs, a job unlike any acting role she’d ever had that involves a secluded mansion in an English coastal village. All she has to do is go undercover.

Her mission? Uncovering Love.

That is, to expose Daniel Love, a reclusive billionaire who looks good enough to…well, not to spy on. But she’s left with very little choice.

Daniel Love is hiding more than just a dark past and a sinister family secret, and it seems he has a thing for older women. And…he’s hard to resist.

She succumbs to his considerable masculine allure. Beneath that mask, she is a red-blooded woman after all.

The only question is whose secrets will tumble out first. If you show me yours, I’ll show you mine.

Despite their secrets, they can’t take their hands off each other.

But will they ever trust again when all is revealed?

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Off Limits

by Natasha L. Black

I’m going to inspect this vineyard and get out of here.

My recommendations are based on science.
Not on Kane’s idea of some mystical connection with the vines.
He’s earthy and runs on instinct.
I’m organized and carry a clipboard.
I cannot be attracted to a man like that.

Yet here we are, in an entangled mess.
That keeps getting more and more confusing.

And now I can’t run away.
I’m keeping a secret.
He’s going to find out.
Will he want this child as much as I do?

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Lovely Oblivion: Polly

by A.D. Craig

Two famous rockstars, two separate rock tours, two different lives. Polly and Flynn have been friends for years, but their lifestyles keep them apart. An awards show at an opportune time finally brings them together. Their feelings morph from friendship to more. Can their love overcome the distance and time apart?

DISCLAIMER: Rockstar content ahead! This book contains explicit sex, profanity, adult situations, and violence.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This book is part of a series featuring female rock band Lovely Oblivion. All books are standalones — no cliffhangers allowed! Each book focuses on one of the band members and features a different trope (i.e. bodyguard/rockstar, second chance, friends-to-lovers). The Lovely Oblivion bandmates are all strong, sexy, and sassy. Plus, their significant others are all book boyfriend material. Every book has an HEA. Enjoy!

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Category: Contemporary Romance


One Wild Weekend With Connor

by Lexi Hart

The last thing Evelyn expected to find was a wounded fugitive on her doorstep, but when a storm sets in, and she’s trapped, she has no choice but to share her cozy beach house with a dangerously sexy man she just can’t resist…

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