His Obsession

by Quinn Marlowe

Sloane Brennan thought she’d escaped the mafia life by moving to LA. Sure, she’d had to leave her parents behind, but that was life when you were running from the mob.

Then her one-time best friend–and the son of her father’s biggest enemy–showed up on her beach and started looking at her like she still belonged to him.

And by the way he’s following her every move, showing up in the bars she’s at and then outside her own house, she’s beginning to think that he’s got more on his mind than just a friendly reunion.

*His Obsession is the prequel to Sloane and Joseph’s story, which continues in Her Romeo. The book features Romeo and Juliet themes, kidnapping, car chases, stalkers, and heroes, plus enough tension and angst to make you want a Joseph Rossi of your very own.

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance

Tempting the Cowboy’s Sister

by Vicki Lewis Thompson

Caught between love and loyalty…
When firefighter Dallas Armstrong rents a house on Rowdy Ranch, he’s blindsided by his instant attraction to his best buddy’s gorgeous sister Angie McLintock. She openly flirts with him at her twenty-fifth birthday party. He’s all for it until Angie’s brother convinces him to back off.

When Dallas gently rebuffs her advances, Angie’s crushed, until an overheard conversation reveals her brother’s meddling. As the youngest and only girl, she’s sick of her brother’s interference. Dallas is on her side and delighted to engage in a secret affair.

But can he find a way to keep his best friend and still follow his heart?

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Category: Western Romance

Mrythdom: Game of Time

by Jasper T. Scott

In a battle over an ancient elven relic, two powerful wizards accidentally abduct an “Elder” from the past.

Aurelius flies through a temporal anomaly and crash lands on Meridia. This world is nothing like the one he remembers. It’s full of strange, magical creatures, and peppered with the ruins of cities he once knew.

Armed with nothing but his damaged ship, Aurelius joins the wizard Gabrian’s dangerous quest to recover the stolen relic so that he can return to his time.

Along the way, Aurelius encounters the greatest danger of all, one with the power to consume him mind, body, and soul—Lashyla, the siren princess of Meria.

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Category: Fantasy Romance

Hunting For Blue

by Ellis Summers

There are two things more important to Simone Taylor than photography and riding her motorcycle: her older brother, Calvin, and his best friend, her childhood idol, Nash Redmond.

Calvin’s also her best friend, but he holds dangerous secrets. Can she unravel Calvin’s past to save her future?

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

Hart Land Lakeside Inn Box Set 1

by Chris Keniston

Come and stay in one of the quaint and cozy cottages at Hart Land—but be warned, once you meet the family and delightful cast of characters, you may never want to leave. This collection includes books 1-3 of the Hart Land Lakeside Inn series.

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance

Daddy’s Obsession

by K.C. Crowne

Stealing from the rich to feed the poor…
Has landed the innocent young beauty in real danger.

Years ago I left a life of danger behind,
But when I lock eyes with my old friend’s daughter there was no turning back.

Raquel has a magnetic beauty,
And the strength and resilience of a lioness.
The loss of my wife left my little girl and I empty.
Now Raquel is proof that even a monster can escape his own darkness.

Her stalker may be a feared predator
And now I’m his worst nightmare.

But how am I supposed to guard her life…
When all I want is to claim every d*mn inch of her for myself?

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Category: Contemporary Romance