House Beside the River

by David Burnett

A coming-of-age novel with a strong heroine, a sweet love story, and the eternal struggle between good and evil

Running from vile rumors and merciless ridicule, thirteen-year-old Nicole Beaumont flees her home in Parsons Valley, Georgia. She leaves Chris behind, the boy who had been her best-friend-for-life, her soul mate, the one with whom she was supposed to spend her life, and she takes refuge at a boarding school in rural Pennsylvania.

Then, she meets Richard. He accepts Nicole as she is. He keeps her secrets. Nevertheless, even as they fall in love, her memories of Chris, tempt her, tugging her into the past, threatening to betray her,

Chris re-enters her life in a most unexpected way, and Nicole finds herself emmeshed in a deadly game that pits Chris, the boy she once loved, against Richard, the man who loves her, now, a game from which only one will emerge unscathed.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Stoking the Cowboy’s Fire

by Vicki Lewis Thompson

Sold to his sister’s best friend…
Cowboy and firefighter Cheyenne McLintock would rather battle a five-alarm blaze than participate in a bachelor auction. But the station needs a new firetruck. Then his sister’s bestie, Kendall Abbott, takes charge of the bidding. He’s kept her at arm’s length until now, but that’s no longer an option. And her innocence is more tempting than he wants to admit.

When she was a teen, Kendall decided Cheyenne would be her first lover. She’s been patient for ten years, and now her opportunity has come. The time she won with her fantasy cowboy should do the trick. Baking his favorite cookies and concocting a reason he needs to spend the night gets the ball rolling. No match for her schemes, he goes down in flames.

He knows she should expand her horizons. Then why does he hate that idea?

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Category: Western Romance

The Wren and the Swordfish PIlot

by Stella Hutchinson

Three women set sail for adventure in a man’s world – the Royal Navy, 1942. A courageous tale of three Navy girls and the men they fall in love with. When Cathy’s twin brother goes to sea, she leaps at the chance to join the Wrens which has grown into a strong force of over sixty thousand women. But she longs to be at sea and prove herself – to fight alongside her brother. Linda is a dispatch rider taking secret messages from one top location to another. And working her way up through the ranks is Wren Officer Anne Foxton, who takes command of a ‘stone frigate’. Against all odds the women are drawn to help each other. Then into their well-ordered world comes a young Swordfish pilot who has earned himself quite a reputation. Which one of Anne’s girls will catch his eye – and what lengths will he go to, to win her?

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Category: Historical Romance

Boss’s Baby

by Sofia T Summers

He’s my dad’s best friend.
The father of my (secret) baby.
The only man I’ve ever loved.
Ever wanted.
And now…
Now he’s my boss.

Working for a powerful man like Elliot is stressful enough.
And having a past with him only adds to the pressure.
He’s always been gorgeous.
He’s always had that power over me.
It’s why I gave him my V-card on a silver platter.
Little did I know that I’d end up pregnant.
I couldn’t get myself to tell him about his daughter.
It’s been four years since my little girl has been reminding me of our night together.
Four years since I’ve been wondering if I did the right thing.

Maybe Elliot deserved to know.
Maybe he didn’t.
But I’m about to explore this forbidden relationship again… and find out for myself.

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Category: Contemporary Romance