Dark and Dangerous: First in Series Paranormal Romance Collection

by Felicity Heaton

Discover bewitching new worlds, dangerously dark and delicious heroes, and powerful heroines in this first in series collection of four passionate paranormal romance books from New York Times best-selling romance author Felicity Heaton featuring vampires / dark elves, Greek gods, angels and shifters. You won’t want to leave these richly detailed and lush worlds as you find yourself swept up in them and the heroes and heroines as they fight for their happily forever afters!

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Category: Paranormal Romance


Swipe Right

by Peyton Fuller

Caleb was looking for a quick hookup, preferably with someone who didn’t know he was the rich tech mogul who had created the hottest new dating app. And the long hair and beard he had grown out for playing with the band on the side gave him the perfect disguise.

The last thing Juliana Hernandez was looking for was a new romance, especially after the pain of her last breakup. All she wanted was to take her silly pictures for her Insta page, and dream of becoming a professional photographer as a way of escaping the drudgery of the corporate world. But when the annoying little app she should have deleted sends her pictures of a gorgeous musician, she can’t resist.

When the hookup becomes something more, Caleb realizes he might have discovered what was missing from his life, and Juliana finds the perfect man she’s been dating has a surprising number of influential friends who help her launch her photography career. Now all of her dreams are coming true, but will his sexy, little lie ruin it all?

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Category: Contemporary Romance



by Onley James

Adam Mulvaney lives a double life. By day, he’s the spoiled youngest son of an eccentric billionaire. By night, he’s an unrepentant killer, one of seven psychopaths raised to right the wrongs of a justice system that keeps failing.

Noah Holt has spent years dreaming of vengeance for the death of his father, but when faced with his killer, he learns a daunting truth he can’t escape. His father was a monster.

The two share a mutual attraction, but, deep down, Noah knows Adam’s not like other boys. Adam can’t love. He wasn’t born that way. But he refuses to let Noah go, and Noah’s not sure he wants him to.

Can Adam prove to Noah that passion, power, and protection are just as good as love?

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Category: LGBT Romance


Reckless: A Contemporary Romance Anthology

by Ashlee Price

Intense. Blunt. Powerful.

These are the type of men you’ve been warned about.

If you love second chances, fake fiances, billionaire bosses and smokin’ hot doctors, then dive into this can’t miss collection!

Reckless is a box set of EIGHT full-length stories that’ll leave you breathless and entertained all night long.

Includes the following:

Book 1: Thirty Day Fiance
Book 2: New Year Second Chance
Book 3: Fiance Next Door
Book 4: Dr. Knight
Book 5: Kitchen Boss
Book 6: Seal Me Daddy
Book 7: Body Talk
Book 8: Cocky

Get this steamy collection now!

Ashlee Price’s books are recommended for fans of authors such as Nicole Snow, Alexis Winter, Sarah J. Brooks, Weston Parker, Ali Parker, Natasha L. Black, Claire Kingsley, Cassie-Anne L. Miller, and Samantha Christy.

Note from the Author: This was previously published under a previous box set title of ‘Rocked.’ Additional steamy stories have been added making this collection even more enticing for all readers who love heat, drama and happily-ever-afters.

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Category: Collections & Anthologies Romance


Supernatural Community: The Complete Series (Books 1-4)

by Krista Street

A supernatural healer threatened by a deadly stalker. A sexy bodyguard she can’t resist. And his secret that will shatter her world. A thrilling and seductive complete series!

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Category: Paranormal Romance