Into the Lion’s Den

by A. S. Green

After mountain lion shifter Reese Fitzpatrick’s father is killed by a hunter’s bullet, Reese must battle to keep his father’s legacy alive. But when Sarah McAvoy arrives to help run the remote luxury resort, her presence becomes more of a hindrance than a help…especially as her own secrets comes to light.

Sarah makes Reese’s mountain lion purr inside his skin, but her presence is more than an irritating distraction—it could cost them their lives, leaving Reese with more to worry about than accidentally revealing his animal nature.

If the pair wants to save the resort, they’ll have to get past their passion that’s equal parts frustration and heat. Because it turns out Reese’s father wasn’t the competent businessman everyone believed. Vulture real estate developers are already hovering, waiting for Reese to fail.

That is, if the hunter who killed his father doesn’t get him first.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Until Now

by Cristin Cooper

A pregnant 16 yr old found home in a diner and with its 24 year old owner. Now the baby that brought them together is leaving for college. Is she taking their reason to stay in each other’s lives or a reason to finally admit their love?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Best Friend’s Dirty Ex

by Claire Angel

Everly doesn’t know it yet, but I’m going to make her mine!
When an enemy bets that I won’t get her into bed, that just sweetens the deal and, I know I have to win her and the money.
And given how she melts when I grip her ponytail and pull her body into mine, this should be an easy win.
Or so I think.
There’s more to Everly than a pretty face, a sexy body, and fire in her eyes.
Her body responds me to me like she wants me more than anything.
But her brain keeps warning her away.
She has a past that keeps her on guard.
She works for me, which makes her step back.
Worst of all, she’s my ex-wife’s best friend.

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Category: Erotic Romance