Cowboys and Aliens

by Demelza Carlton

When her boss saddles her with the task of planning a suitable celebration for the Colony’s one-year anniversary, Rana settles for an ancient American tradition. There’s just one problem…what’s a turkey, and where can she get one?
Byron fled Earth in the wake of tragedy. Now, he will do anything to protect his new farm in space – including fight aliens. No matter how attractive they might be.
Can a cowboy and an alien set aside their differences, celebrate the holiday, AND find love?

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Category: Science Fiction Romance


A Christmas in Montana

by Elysia Strife

Orion’s an Irish firecracker. Matt’s a callous veteran. Will the spirit of the season bring them together? Or will their secrets tear them apart?

Matt and Orion deny their attraction after their initial confrontation. Sharing the loss of mutual friends and family members brings them new perspective. When secrets crawl out of his past, a friend breaks her heart, and an ex stashes a bullet in her pocket, Matt and Orion learn to find strength in one another. When they uncover the scars of their pasts, they find common ground, and their love grows. But is it enough to save each other when life is on the line?

This holiday romance suspense series features sweet love, lots of food, humor, some cursing, and violence.

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Category: Holidays Romance


by Elysia Strife

As Matt and Orion’s love grows so does the trouble brewing in their little Montana town. Orion’s fighting back, but at what cost?

Everyone thought her ex was dead. A good friend is shot. A mission comes back to haunt Matt in more than the form of nightmares. A trail of photos and mysterious texts keeps Orion looking over her shoulder.

But Matt, a famous billionaire bachelor, has companies to tend to, and Orion won’t let fear keep her from protecting her small town by fighting summer wildfires. If they want to move forward together, they have to spend time apart. Their budding love is quickly threatened by secrets, lies, and an unthinkable action.

Can they find a way to keep their love alive and stop the ones who aim to dismantle justice and peace?

This holiday romance suspense series features sweet love, lots of food, humor, some cursing, and violence.

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by Katherine Hawthorne

Xander, sophisticated and elegant. My hero, the man who owns my heart. Sin, dominating alpha-male. My lieutenant, forbidden in so many ways. One dangerous kiss changes everything, catapulting me into a war between the two. I’m a pawn in their game until they join forces in a way I never saw coming. But lies and deception threaten, leading to a betrayal that cuts so deep, I wonder if I’ll survive.

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Category: Erotic Romance


Just Pretend

by Sofia T Summers

Pretend to be my fiancée to make my ex-wife jealous?
He couldn’t possibly be serious.

Except that he was…

And I was pretty damn serious when I went along with his mad plan.
One word: Switzerland.
That’s where I’d go to play the role of his fiancée.
Doesn’t sound so bad, does it?
Walker is my irresistible single dad next door.
I’ve drooled over him.
I’ve wanted him.
And I’ve crossed the line with him.
All while he made me feel special with all my curves.
While he hired me as his au pair.

We had a good thing going until we began destroying it.
A fake engagement combined with real feelings is a cocktail that’s lethal.
Now imagine that cocktail with a drizzle of pregnancy and whole lot of craziness…
I doubt either of us will come out of this thing sober!

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Royally Tempted

by Elle Boon

She Needed A Savior.
He Was A Man Willing To Risk It All.
Rules Will Be Broken. But Will The Price Be Worth It?

Ayesha Needed A Savior…She only allows a few people to get close to her, having lost everyone she’s cared about except her baby sister. When Tiana is kidnapped, Ayesha’s willing to do anything, even going toe-to-toe with a ruthless biker who makes her quiver in more than just fear.

King Makes His Own Rules…He’s the president of one of the most notorious MC clubs on the West Coast, with affiliations all the way across the country. He’s not a man you want on your bad side, ever. However, there are things outsiders don’t know about, things that could get his brothers dead. When a feisty little sweet thing shows up at his club during a church meeting, he finds he can’t turn her away, nor can he deny the need to help her and her sister, even when it embroils his club.

But, Some Things Are Worth The Price You Have To Pay…If tracking down Ayesha’s little sister is what it takes to get the woman out of his head, then he’ll do what he has to do. However, when he reunites the two, he’ll walk away like he always does. She’s too sweet for the life of the MC. But, they say devil fools with the best-laid plans.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance


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